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A press release is a formal announcement made by a company, organization or individual to announce something new. It can be used to announce new products or services, significant changes in policy and other newsworthy events. press release format are also used to raise awareness about your brand or product among the media, potential customers and other stakeholders.

A well-written press release will attract the attention of journalists who will write about it in their publications or websites; this helps spread awareness about what you're doing as well as attract supporters who might want to buy from you! So how do you create an effective one? In this guide we'll uncover some key components that make up a great example:

Sample Press Release Format

A press release is a brief summary of information about a product or service. The purpose of a press release is to inform the media, who then use it as part of their coverage of your company, product or event.

A good news release example will highlight key points from your content and provide links to more information where available. If you are writing about an event, it should include all details regarding dates, times and locations for those attending (if any). If there are photos included with the story themselves then these should be included in full resolution size so that they can be viewed easily by reporters without having to download any files first!


A good headline is clear and concise, and it should be in the present tense. You want to make sure that your reader immediately knows what you're writing about by using a question that they may be able to answer. The headline should also be the first sentence of your sample press release template, so make sure it's powerful enough to grab their attention without being too long or wordy.

Your headline should contain no more than 10 words—not including any punctuation marks or other formatting elements—and should not include any numbers or letters except for an at sign (@).


Subheadings are a great way to organize the content in your media release. They can be used to highlight important information, break up long blocks of text and draw attention to key points.

Subheadings should be short and descriptive; they should not contain long sentences or paragraphs that flow into each other. When writing subheads for your media release, think about how you want the reader to perceive them: do you want them as an introduction? A summary? A call-out? It's important that these pieces add value for their audience, so make sure they're effective!

Dateline and Lead Paragraph

The dateline is a short description of the location of your event. It should include details like:

  • The date and time

  • Your address or contact information (if you’re giving it)

  • A brief description of what you’re doing there, such as “I will be speaking at the conference on how to sell more widgets!”

The lead paragraph should be a single sentence that summarizes your important message in less than three sentences. It should also include keywords from your event press release template that describe its main subject matter, such as “How to Sell More Widgety Things Without Leaving Your Desk!”


The body of the text should be a good mix of facts and opinion.

  • If you're including information that's critical to understanding your release, such as a new product or service, be sure to include it at the top of your document so readers know exactly what they're looking for.

  • Don't include quotes from people who aren't directly involved with your company—they can only provide anecdotal evidence; they don't speak on behalf of you!

  • Don't use quotes from customers unless they're positive ones (e.g., "I love our new product!"). This is because these types of quotes may give rise to rumors about poor quality control or other issues before any official announcement has been made public knowledge by other means (such as social media posts).

Boilerplate - About Your Company

  • Company name and contact details

  • Company mission statement

  • Company history (where you were founded, what your mission was when you started out, how long it’s been around/how much revenue/etc.)

  • Vision for the future of your company (is it to make more money? become more efficient? innovate?)

  • Values that guide you as an organization: Do we really respect our clients? Are we good stewards of the earth? How do we treat our employees? are they happy in the workplace? Do we have a good balance between work life balance and personal life balance or vice versa).

  • Products or services offered by your organization; if there is no product or service then just write ‘others’ instead of an actual brand name like Dyson Vacuum Cleaners. The goal here is not to list all products but rather explain why these products/services exist within this industry niche market space - so don't worry too much about making sure everything sounds natural yet still makes sense!

This example press release template features all the components of an effective press release.

This example press release example for new product features all the components of an effective press release. The headline should be short and to the point, but not so much that it's hard to read. The subheading should be a continuation of the headline and should also include some useful information about what you're releasing.

The dateline can be whatever city where you wrote this release, or if you're writing for multiple cities at once (as in this case), then just put "the" before each city name—for example: San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City would all have "San Francisco" as their datelines.

The lead paragraph is often considered one of the most important parts of any press release because it serves as an opportunity for journalists to get more background on who wrote what they will write about in their article/report as well as give readers insight into how journalists think about issues related specifically with what was written within these lines themselves!


If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to write a press release example for event, this is an excellent resource. The writing examples given throughout the site are excellent and provide plenty of inspiration that can be used in your own writing as well. The layout of the site is easy to navigate and navigate through easily so there isn’t much problem finding what you need.

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