PRNewswire vs Other Press Release Services

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Cost Comparison: PRNewswire vs Other Press Release Services


If you're looking to get press coverage, PRNewswire is a great option. The site offers multiple packages and a variety of marketing tools, but it's also consistently rated as one of the most expensive PRWeb Pricing out there.

PRWeb has a few different packages, but the quality is inconsistent.

PRWeb offers a basic package for $295 per month, which includes distribution to major news outlets like USA Today, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. This is not considered as high quality as other press release services.

The premium package costs $495 per month and includes just about everything you'd need to manage your campaigns: distribution across all major news sites (including those mentioned above), social media management tools, and analytics reports. It also comes with more features that allow you to track topics related to your business on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook so you can keep track of what's working well vs not working at all

Marketwired also has a few options, but their prices are too high and their reach is limited.

Marketwired is a good option if you want to pay more for a limited reach, but the prices are too high and the quality of PRNewswire Pricing  isn’t consistent. The site has limited distribution options as well, so if you want to get your press release out there in any major way it can be difficult.

Business Wire offers multiple packages, but there's no way to measure the impact of your release.

Business Wire offers multiple packages, but there's no way to measure the impact of your release. With a few clicks and a few hundred dollars, you can send out an email blast to all major outlets (including Business Wire) or choose from their “pro” package.

The pro package is $499 per year and includes unlimited square inches in BusinessWire’s newsroom where you can post your stories online; however, there is no way to know how many people actually read these items or if they do so with interest. This means that while it may seem like an excellent deal at first glance—a low price tag compared to other services—you really have no idea what kind of return on investment (ROI) would be generated if someone clicked through one of these links and decided later on not only click through another link but also buy something from them as well because their prices were too high for them not to buy something else instead!

PRNewswire's packages are clearly priced with easy-to-understand options, and the site offers powerful distribution options.

 PRNewswire Cost  offers multiple packages to choose from, with prices clearly listed and easy to understand. The site also has powerful distribution options that are priced at a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.


I hope we’ve shown that PRNewswire offers great value for your business, and I can’t wait to get started!

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