7 Proven Steps To Dramatically Improve The Quality Of Your Press Releases - And Get Way More Media

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The press release is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your business, but it can also be tricky to use. The right press release format will get you more media attention than the wrong one, but it's not always easy to know what makes a good one. To help with this process, I've compiled a list of seven steps that have worked well for both me and my clients:

Quality beats quantity.

The best way to get more media coverage is by creating high-quality press releases.

You may think that quantity is better than quality, but in reality, it's not. Quality beats quantity every time! That's because when you write a high-quality press release that gets shared with journalists and bloggers, they're much more likely to take notice of your content. And once they do share it with their readers (or even just mention it somewhere), those readers will spread the word about your business or organization without any additional work on your part—and that can lead to an exponential increase in traffic and sales for years down the line.

So remember: if you want more exposure for your product or service then focus on writing excellent blog posts instead of sending out dozens upon dozens of generic emails asking people if they have any ideas for new articles about certain topics related Turtle Doves products/services etc..

Start with the most important thing first.

Start with the most important thing first.

If you're like me, you've probably spent hours on your press release template and haven't gotten a single person to read it. Well, I'm here to tell you that this isn't because of lack of effort or skill—it's because we've all been doing our job wrong! Our goal should be to get as many people to read our press releases as possible, but not all of them will do so (and even if they do, they won't necessarily be interested in what we have to say).

So while we should start with our most important objective in mind (getting people excited about our brand), don't worry too much about how many other businesses are doing things differently than us; instead focus on making sure that only those who really care about what we have got from us get access for free!

Use a story that gets to the point.

If you’re writing a press release template, the first thing to do is get organized. You need to know where you’re going and why. After all, if no one knows what your business does or why they should care about it, then the press release won't be read by anyone other than people who are searching for information on your company.

So how do we organize ourselves with this goal in mind? Well, we can use something called "the inverted pyramid method." This means that instead of starting at the top of our list (like an iceberg) and working down towards its base (like how ice melts), we start by breaking down each part into smaller parts until everything becomes clear again! This way everything fits together nicely when reading through our finished product later on down line - which leads us into another step:

Make sure your writer knows HOW to write a press release.

Making sure your writer knows how to write a media release example is one of the most important steps in improving the quality of your press releases.

A good press release will:

  • Be short and sweet (this helps with SEO).

  • Be easy to read, but not too short or too long. You want people who are interested in reading it, but also don't want them having any distractions from what you're saying!

It should also be concise enough so that people can easily understand what it says without having to spend hours poring over every word (which would be very time-consuming). And finally... (here's where things get tricky): The more relevant information you put into each sentence—the more likely someone will click through on your link and visit the website where all this info was found! This means keeping things simple yet still interesting enough so as not only attract attention but keep readers engaged as well."

Build relationships before you need them.

You should be building relationships with reporters and editors before you need them. If a reporter or editor sees that you’re interested in helping them out, they will be more likely to help you out if they know you are willing and able to do so. They want their journalism peers to feel comfortable telling them anything when it comes time for an assignment—and if the person who helped them is someone who didn’t follow up after giving their help, then they won't feel as though anyone owes them anything at all!

Your goal should be not only getting media coverage but also getting other people involved with your business (which will generate even more publicity). This means building relationships with bloggers and influencers in order for those bloggers/influencers can share what YOU are doing on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter!

Distribute through a solid portal so you can follow up easily

Follow up on press releases

It's important to follow up on your sample press release template, but it can be difficult because of the time it takes. If you don't follow up in a timely manner, there's a good chance that no one will read your story and all of those valuable contacts will be lost. So how do you ensure that your follow-up is effective? The first thing to do is make sure that any emails or letters from PR firms are properly formatted (if they aren't already). This means they should be sent as HTML emails or sent via Gmail or Outlook, which allows users like yourself to easily read through them quickly and respond accordingly!

Check your metrics and respond quickly when something works well.

There are a few metrics that you need to track and analyze, so that you can maintain your press release strategy.

  • Downloadable content downloads: This is the number of people who have downloaded your press release, including both HTML and PDF versions. You should also track this metric in Google Analytics or other web analytics software, as well as on your website's homepage. If a lot of people are visiting from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (and not just from search engines), then there’s probably something unusual going on with how people are finding out about this particular piece of content. For example, maybe Facebook has been optimizing its algorithm recently so much that it tends to promote posts by friends rather than those from businesses—and if this is happening for any particular piece of content posted at any given time during the day/weekend cycle then it means someone else might be benefiting from having their post promoted more prominently since their friends already know about them!

  • Search engine optimization metrics: These include keyword density levels (how many times each keyword appears within an article) along with things like internal linking structures between paragraphs or sections within articles—these all indicate whether readers actually understood what was being said because they were able to find relevant information easily enough without needing additional help from external sources such as Wikipedia entries found through links provided throughout text passages themselves."

If you do these things, you will get more media coverage for your business than if you don't.

If you do these things, you will get more media coverage for your business than if you don't.

Why is this? Because when journalists find out about a new product or service that's available in their area (or just beyond it), they want to write about it too. And when they do, they'll probably ask questions like: "Who made it?" "What's the price of this product/service?" And so on. That's why getting good press releases is so important—it helps build credibility with journalists who will then write stories about your products and services instead of competitors'.

So how can we make sure our event press release template are effective at getting us coverage? Let's take a look at some proven tactics that work really well...


With these tips in mind, you can use the system to write your press releases and get more media coverage for your business. This will not only help to grow your brand but also help you reach new audiences and grow a loyal following.

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