WATCH: Chris Wallace Slams McConnell Over His Desire for Full Scale War in Afghanistan

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Back successful April of his year, astir 70% of Americans agreed that it was clip to propulsion troops from Afghanistan. There was beardown b-partisan enactment for the measurement and Donald Trump has repeatedly talked astir bringing the troops home.

But present that Joe Biden has executed his plan, galore Republicans look to beryllium getting acold feet. This was that tack taken by legislature number person Mitch McConnell connected Sunday. This led to Fox’s Chris Wallace slamming McConnell for desiring full-scale war.

Wallace noted portion interrogation McConnell that Biden believes it would instrumentality 10,000 soldiers to unafraid Afghanistan. He asked, “Does President Biden person a constituent there? If successful April, helium had said, ‘Hey, the Trump woody is off. We’re staying in. In fact, we’re going to beef up the fig of troops,’ helium contends we’ve been backmost successful a full-scale warfare with the Taliban and, unfortunately, taking a batch of casualties.”

McConnell responded:

“We haven’t mislaid arsenic galore arsenic 13 people, which we mislaid Thursday, successful immoderate of the past 4 years. Our casualties since 2014 person been rather modest. Quite modest. Remember successful the full war, we person regretfully mislaid a mates 1000 of our people,” helium added. “That’s precise regretful but the Afghans person mislaid 65,000. They person been fighting. And we’ve been successful the inheritance helping them with counterterrorism and the ongoing grooming of the military.”

Biden is, of course, moving disconnected Donald Trump’s plan. And if the Republican were inactive successful office, McConnell would surely beryllium singing a antithetic tune.

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