US Navy is developing GPS that uses cosmic rays to navigate the Arctic

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At higher latitudes, accepted GPS navigation is not reliable, but muons produced erstwhile cosmic rays deed Earth’s ambiance could beryllium utilized to navigate successful the Arctic, arsenic good arsenic underground oregon successful the water

Technology 7 December 2021

By David Hambling

HEXDC6 Cosmic rays.Artwork of high-energy particles radiation from prima  successful  heavy  abstraction  (cosmic rays) impacting molecules atoms successful  Earth's atmosphere.These superior   impacts origin  secondary cascade of subatomic particles.Detection investigation  of these particles,which see  protons,neutrons,light nuclei,neutrinos,pions,and muons,can uncover  root   of cosmic rays.These sources whitethorn  see  gamma ray bursts (GRBs),active galactic nuclei,supernovae quasars.Such probe   is carried retired  atmospheric balloons,or precocious  detectors built underground oregon  underwater,to shield them from different   radiation.

An artist’s practice of high-energy cosmic rays colliding with Earth


Navigation via cosmic ray muons could supplement GPS successful precocious latitudes, arsenic good arsenic moving underwater and underground.

The US Office of Naval Research (ONR) has awarded a declaration to UK institution Geoptic Infrastructure Investigations to show navigation successful the Arctic wherever GPS sum is poor owed to positioning of GPS satellites tally by the US military, which are mostly astatine little latitudes.

The firm’s Muometric Positioning System (muPS) uses muons made by cosmic rays instead of the vigor signals from satellites …

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