Update: Nick Offerman Cast As Bill In HBO's The Last Of Us Series

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Update, 12/7/2021:

Nick Offerman has been formed arsenic Bill successful HBO's upcoming The Last of Us TV series, which is an adaptation of the PlayStation-exclusive crippled of the aforesaid name.

Previously, it was revealed that Con O'Neill had been formed arsenic Bill, starring to wide circulation yesterday arsenic for who Offerman mightiness beryllium playing (many thought he'd marque a bully Bill but the relation was already cast). However, a caller study from Variety reveals that Offerman will, successful fact, play Bill successful HBO's bid aft O'Neill had to driblet out from the amusement owed to a scheduling conflict. 

[Source: Variety]

The archetypal communicative follows...

Original Story, 12/6/2021:

An histrion from HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation of The Last of Us has revealed that Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation fame has a relation successful the series. 

This quality comes by mode of a caller interrogation from The Guardian, which interviewed Murray Bartlett, the histrion who volition beryllium playing Frank, the spouse of The Last of Us’ Bill. Frank isn’t seen (alive) successful the game, but he’s talked astir erstwhile Joel and Ellie sojourn Bill successful his secluded booby-trapped town. Bartlett told The Guardian that helium filmed immoderate scenes with Ron Swanson actor, Offerman, arsenic archetypal reported by GameSpot

“It’s co-created by Craig Mazin, who did Chernobyl,” Bartlett told The Guardian erstwhile asked what helium could accidental successful regards to The Last of Us TV series. “The publication he’s written blew my caput off. It’s an epic show, but beautifully quality and intimate. We filmed it successful Calgary. A batch of my scenes are with Nick Offerman. Playing disconnected him was awesome.” 

Bartlett indispensable person forgotten that Offerman’s casting successful The Last of Us had not yet been announced, but the clicker's out of the container now. However, arsenic for who Offerman is playing successful the series, that remains a mystery. Most radical mightiness leap to Bill, Frank’s partner. However, Chernobyl’s Con O’Neill has already been formed arsenic Bill, arsenic reported by Collider

Considering Frank’s inclusion successful the amusement is thing that volition beryllium unsocial to HBO’s series, we already cognize the amusement is taking immoderate originative state compared to the game. That means that Offerman’s quality could theoretically beryllium anybody – possibly he’s playing a quality we already cognize from the game, oregon possibly he’s idiosyncratic new. Only clip volition archer for now. 

While waiting to larn more, cheque retired Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie successful the archetypal officially-released photograph from the show, and past look astatine these new Last of Us TV amusement acceptable photos from Calgary. Read our thoughts connected the crippled that the bid is based connected successful Game Informer’s The Last of Us review aft that.  

[Source: The Guardian]

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