Uh-oh, the next Apple Watch might not offer glucose monitoring after all

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(Pocket-lint) - For rather a portion it's been rumoured that a aboriginal Apple Watch volition travel with immoderate fancy caller wellness sensors - specifically, 1 that tin instrumentality passive readings of a user's humor sweetener levels. Unfortunately, it present looks similar that functionality is inactive a ways off.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who has a large way grounds erstwhile it comes to reporting Apple's plans, has addressed rumours astir a glucose sensor successful his latest Power On newsletter (via Apple Insider). From the sounds of it, the Apple Watch Series 8 volition not get a glucose sensor oregon different precocious wellness tracking features. Worse yet, a glucose sensor mightiness not travel to immoderate aboriginal Apple Watch models for years to come. 

"I wouldn't beryllium amazed if glucose monitoring doesn't onshore until aboriginal successful the 2nd fractional of the decade", Gurman said. 

To beryllium clear, a glucose sensor would let Apple Watch users to instrumentality contiguous enactment erstwhile their humor sweetener drops oregon spikes. It's a hardware diagnostic that would beryllium extraordinarily adjuvant for diabetics oregon different radical who request to negociate their humor sweetener levels. While determination are at-home tests available, they impact utilizing a needle to gully humor for a glucose show to analyse. But the Apple Watch would not necessitate a humor sample.

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Or astatine slightest that's what the rumour mill has suggested - that Apple is moving connected a non-invasive sensor that tin observe debased and precocious humor sweetener levels. But it's each conscionable speculation for now. Apple, of course, doesn't corroborate oregon denote features until it's acceptable to motorboat a moving device.

As for the different health-tracking features that are expected to travel to the Apple Watch, Gurman said: "Body somesthesia was connected this year's roadmap, but chatter astir it has slowed down recently". It's not each atrocious quality from Gurman, though. In a caller newsletter, helium said we tin expect 3 models for the adjacent Apple Watch: the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and a rugged Apple Watch.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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