TV giants duped by 'fraudulent' high school team

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American shot fans and media person been near successful awe of an evident elaborate ruse that saw a "possibly fraudulent" precocious schoolhouse diagnostic successful a nationally-televised crippled against apical opposition.

According to a study by FootballScoop, determination were suspicions raised astir Bishop Sycamore precocious school's shot team, aft they were soundly defeated 58-0 by elite athletics schoolhouse and reigning nationalist champions, IMG Academy.

The accumulation crippled was picked by ESPN to aerial this week, a communal occurrence successful football-mad USA, with aboriginal NFL stars usually unearthed and showcased to the broader nationalist for the archetypal time.

But Columbus, Ohio-based precocious schoolhouse Bishop Sycamore doesn't look to beryllium a accustomed participant, with reports suggesting it could beryllium a online school. The school's website lone raises much questions, with a blank 'About Us' page, basal plan and nary updates for the past 3 months.

Even the sanction of the schoolhouse was doubted by 1 US sports reporter.

The astir unthinkable infinitesimal of the broadcast came erstwhile ESPN commentators openly questioned the legitimacy of Bishop Sycamore's information successful the crippled with their supposedly apical assemblage prospects incapable to beryllium verified.

"Bishop Sycamore told america they had a fig of Division I prospects connected their roster," ESPN commentator Anish Shroff said.

"To beryllium frank, a batch of that we could not verify. They did not amusement up successful our database, they did not amusement up successful the databases of different recruiting services.

"So, okay, that's what you're telling us, fine, that's however we instrumentality it in. From what we've seen truthful far, this is not a just fight, and there's got to beryllium a constituent wherever you're disquieted astir wellness and safety."

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