This year’s income tax filing season starts Jan. 24, and the IRS says it’s going to be a ‘frustrating’ one

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Ready for your 2021 taxation refund? Mark your calendars due to the fact that January 24 is the day the Internal Revenue Service volition commencement accepting and processing 2021 income taxation returns.

The 2022 taxation play volition tally from Monday, Jan. 24 to Monday, April 18, the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service said Monday — but brace yourself for perchance sluggish work arsenic the underfunded, understaffed and backlogged IRS juggles different filing season, Treasury officials said.

The 2022 filing play arrives arsenic Capitol Hill negotiations implicit the Biden administration’s Build Back Better measure seem stalled. The measure would see adding $80 cardinal implicit a decennary to the IRS fund for much unit and amended exertion to drawback taxation cheaters, arsenic good arsenic backing to amended lawsuit service.

“In galore areas, we are incapable to present the magnitude of work and enforcement that our taxpayers and taxation strategy deserves and needs. This is frustrating for taxpayers, for IRS employees and for me,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

The Build Back Better measure would person besides renewed the enhanced kid taxation recognition payments done 2022. But the aboriginal of these monthly payments are successful question for 2022, truthful the 2021 income taxation refunds hitting slope accounts could beryllium a much-needed surge successful currency for galore parents. The mean idiosyncratic refund connected 2020 returns was $2,815 arsenic of aboriginal December, according to the IRS.

Without processing delays oregon errors successful a taxpayer’s return, the IRS should beryllium capable to deed its accepted turnaround time, which gets refunds to radical wrong 21 days from erstwhile the bureau receives the return, Treasury officials said Monday.

“Planning for the nation’s filing play process is simply a monolithic undertaking, and IRS teams person been moving non-stop these past respective months to prepare,” Rettig said. “The pandemic continues to make challenges, but the IRS reminds radical determination are important steps they tin instrumentality to assistance guarantee their taxation instrumentality and refund don’t look processing delays.”

The champion mode to debar a hold is to record electronically (instead of via a insubstantial return) with nonstop deposit, IRS officials noted. It’s besides important that numbers connected the instrumentality are close to debar snags and delays.

The IRS is sending retired important letters connected amounts it paid households past twelvemonth for kid taxation recognition payments and the 3rd circular of stimulus checks. It’s important to ticker retired for those letters, tax professionals say.

The IRS is inactive wading done a backlog of 2020 taxation returns. As of Dec. 23, it inactive had 6 million unprocessed returns. Errors and “special handling” to code discrepancies successful the returns are immoderate of the reasons, the IRS said. Typically conscionable up of a filing season, the IRS would person a backlog of unaddressed message and documents beneath 1 million, Treasury officials said.

Taxpayers tin petition a filing hold done Oct. 17, the April 18 owed day represents the last time to wage up connected 2021 national income taxes. After that point, the IRS tin put installment plans. Taxpayers successful Maine oregon Massachusetts person until April 19, 2022, to record their returns owed to the Patriots’ Day vacation successful those states.

Last year, taxation play began connected Feb. 12 and the archetypal program was to person the accepted April 15 deadline. Midway done the season, the IRS pushed the outgo deadline to May 17, to accommodate frazzled taxpayers, taxation preparers and the galore twists from caller taxation provisions successful the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

There are presently nary plans to widen the filing deadline this year, Treasury officials said Monday.

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