The best ZK-Rollup altcoins to buy today

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Finding the cleanable scalability solution for Ethereum has ever been a immense challenge. But implicit the past year, the usage of ZK-Rollups has generated rather immoderate buzz. In fact, astatine immoderate pointed ZK-Rollups were touted arsenic possibly the champion scalability solution for Ethereum and person already been adopted by respective protocols. So, what this is each about, and however tin you put successful these technologies? First, immoderate highlights:

  • Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) are a bid of astute contracts that usage off-chain computations earlier submitting them backmost on-chain for validation.

  • The astute contracts simply bundle a immense fig of transactions into 1 and compute them successful ample chunks.

  • Several protocols person already adopted ZK-Rollups, including Loopring (LRC) which surged to all-time highs after.

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It is evident present that ZK-Rollups are going to beryllium immense and arsenic such, we wanted to springiness you a database of altcoins you tin put successful beneath to instrumentality vantage of this technology:

The Mir Protocol (MIR)

The Mir Protocol (MIR) is simply a scaling solution for Ethereum designed to usage ZK-roll ups. In fact, the task is successful the process of processing further ZK rotation up solutions. Just past month, MIR was acquired by Polygon (MATIC) successful a woody valued astatine astir $400 million. 

Polygon is already 1 of the cheapest chains successful the market. The information that it is going aft a ZK-rollup task suggests that this could beryllium a blistery manufacture successful the future.

zkSync Coin

zkSync is an upcoming ZK-roll-up task being developed by Matter Labs. The program is to contented a autochthonal ERC 20 token erstwhile the task is afloat operational. 

The level has already received up to $50 cardinal successful bid B funding. Although we don’t person immoderate dates arsenic to erstwhile the token volition beryllium available, support an oculus connected this successful 2022.

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