Tennis Australia shifts blame amid Djokovic bungle

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The main enforcement of Tennis Australia has breached his soundlessness arsenic satellite No.1 Novak Djokovic prepares to look national tribunal connected Monday, blaming the messiness connected "contradictory information".

TA was connected Saturday near successful embarrassment erstwhile it was revealed the governing assemblage had sent a arguable missive to Australia's advisory assemblage connected immunisation.

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed that TA had told the Australian Technical Advisory Group connected Immunisation that the viability of the Australian Open depended connected whether players who had not been double-vaccinated would beryllium allowed to participate the state to vie successful the expansive slam.

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But TA main enforcement Craig Tiley has refused to judge blasted for the Djokovic play arsenic the Serbian superstar prepares to entreaty his cancelled visa successful pursuit of a 10th Australian Open title.

It comes aft location affairs lawyers applied to the national circuit tribunal to determination the lawsuit from Monday to Wednesday, lone for Judge Anthony Kelly to disregard the application.

Tennis Australia main enforcement Craig Tiley has refused to judge blasted for the Novak Djokovic borderline bungle. (AP)

In a convoluted effort astatine an mentation connected Melbourne's 9News, Tiley pointed to a confusing connection process.

"We're not going to laic the blasted connected anyone due to the fact that there's overmuch contradictory accusation the full time," Tiley said.

"Every azygous week we were talking to location affairs, we were talking to each parts of authorities to guarantee that, one, we were doing the close happening and we were connected the close process with these exemptions, but knowing besides that everyone coming successful had to beryllium vaccinated.

"The conflicting accusation ... is due to the fact that of the challenging environment. We are successful a precise challenging environment."

9News newsman Clint Stanaway prodded, reminding Tiley that the national authorities had blamed TA.

Novak Djokovic tribunal entreaty owed successful tribunal tomorrow

"I'm not going to blasted anyone," Tiley said.

"All I'm going to accidental is we cognize what we know, we cognize what we person successful beforehand of america and we're going to bash the champion occupation we tin to bash what we bash to bring these players in. The bulk of them are successful a presumption (to play the Australian Open) due to the fact that we've got to this point."

Stanaway past asked Tiley if Djokovic "should play the Australian Open".

"I would similar to spot him play the Australian Open," Tiley said.

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