Struggling GOP in One Florida County Has Enlisted Marjorie Taylor Greene for Support

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The GOP successful 1 Florida region is struggling, and its leaders person enlisted the assistance of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to bring the enactment backmost to relevance.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the Hillsborough County Republican County has selected Greene to header its yearly Lincoln Day fundraiser.

Greene’s precise beingness successful Hillsborough County is the latest objection of however overmuch the section enactment has changed,” the outlet reports, noting that the enactment of Greene comes aft the GOP experienced generational losses that person resulted successful Democrats present controlling the region committee and astir law offices. Hillsborough has besides voted bluish successful 4 consecutive statesmanlike elections.

Since erstwhile President Donald Trump mislaid the 2020 election, Hillsborough executive committee president Jim Waurishuk has promoted conspiracy theories that the predetermination was stolen. Greene, who has been 1 of Trump’s astir fervent supporters, is simply a sensible prime for the Hillsborough GOP fixed the absorption of the party.

“Tapping Greene arsenic tonight’s talker is alienating immoderate Republicans who question wherefore the section enactment would springiness a freshman lawmaker from a neighboring authorities a level alternatively of a homegrown Republican,” the Tampa Bay Times observed.

Former County Commissioner Sandy Murman said that she has “talked to Republicans who aren’t blessed with (Greene) and aren’t going.”

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