Serbian PM wants answers after Novak 'breach'

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Serbia's premier curate Ana Brnabic says it is up to Novak Djokovic to explicate a "grey area" implicit his COVID-19 trial result.

As the play continues to unfold implicit the star's movements aft his evident affirmative trial successful mid-December and inaccuracies connected his Travel Declaration Form upon entering the country, the Serbian person has weighed in.

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In an interrogation with the BBC, Brnabic said If Djokovic went retired knowing helium had a affirmative PCR result, it would beryllium a "clear breach" of Serbia's rules, but deferred to the tennis champion implicit the "grey area" astir his diagnosis.

"If you're affirmative you person to beryllium successful isolation," Ms Brnabic said.

"I bash not cognize erstwhile helium really got the results, erstwhile helium saw the results, truthful determination is immoderate grey area… the lone reply to this tin beryllium provided by Novak."

Serbia's Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. (Getty)

Serbian COVID-19 regulations mandate a afloat 14-day self-isolation period, unless the idiosyncratic who has tested affirmative receives a antagonistic PCR trial effect during that period.

The Serbian premier curate said she would person to consult with "relevant authorities, and the aesculapian people" to find retired if the nine-time Australian Open champion was recovered to person breached Serbia's isolation rules.

While describing Djokovic arsenic "one of the large champions of Serbia" the person said she did not hold with the player's stance connected vaccination.

"What matters to maine is that we basal by Novak... but astatine the aforesaid clip accidental that for the state and for maine arsenic the premier curate that vaccination is important," she said.

When asked what would hap if Djokovic was recovered to person breached quarantine rules, she said the Serbian authorities would "deal with it".

Djokovic’s destiny hanging successful balance

"In the end, they made nationalist a portion of Novak's aesculapian documentation, which I americium not adjacent definite was just connected their portion to marque it public, due to the fact that it is not just to marque anyone's aesculapian documentation public, unless they had Novak's explicit consent for that," the premier curate added.

The Serbian leader, who precocious spoke with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, said she was "neither optimistic nor pessimistic" astir Djokovic's chances of being allowed to enactment successful his bid to triumph a grounds 21st Grand Slam title.

"I anticipation that last determination volition beryllium announced soon," she said.

"Uncertainty is not bully for immoderate of the stakeholders, neither Djokovic nor the Australian Open."

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