Science Reveals How Red Meat Harms the Heart

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By Amy Norton
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Red-meat lovers whitethorn rise their hazard of heart disease done a concatenation of events that plays retired successful the gut, a caller survey suggests.

Many studies implicit the years person tied diets dense successful reddish and processed meats to a heightened hazard of bosom illness and stroke. That benignant of grounds does not, however, beryllium reddish nutrient is the occupation -- or, if it is, why.

The caller findings connection much clues astir the "why."

Researchers recovered that peculiar gut bacteria, much abundant successful red-meat eaters, are cardinal successful turning a dietary nutrient called carnitine into a foe: a chemic known arsenic TMAO, which helps beforehand blood-clotting and clogged arteries.

For the mean person, the insights reenforce what's already known astir heart-healthy eating, said survey co-author Dr. Stanley Hazen, who directs Cleveland Clinic's Center for Microbiome and Human Health.

In particular, helium pointed to the accepted Mediterranean diet, which has been shown successful clinical trials to chopped the risks of bosom illness and stroke.

That fare is precocious successful fish, fruits and vegetables, legumes, olive lipid and nuts -- and debased successful reddish nutrient and processed foods.

The caller survey was published Dec. 23 successful Nature Microbiology. It is among the latest to delve into the narration among diet, the gut microbiome and quality health.

"Microbiome" refers to the immense postulation of bacteria and different microbes that people inhabit the quality body, particularly the gut. Research successful caller years has begun to uncover conscionable however captious those gut microbes are -- not lone successful digestion, but successful immune system defenses, brain relation and the wellness of the cardiovascular system.

It's well-established, Hazen said, that radical with diets precocious successful reddish nutrient typically person a higher hazard of bosom illness and changeable than those who devour small reddish meat.

The accepted fishy was saturated fat, recovered astir exclusively successful carnal products. Saturated abdominous tin boost "bad" LDL cholesterol, which contributes to cardiovascular disease.

But, Hazen said, probe has shown that immoderate sick effects of saturated abdominous are not capable to explicate the excess bosom illness risks linked to dense red-meat consumption. There had to beryllium different mechanisms.

The caller findings constituent to one, said Lauri Wright, seat of nutrition and dietetics astatine the University of North Florida, successful Jacksonville.

There is inactive overmuch to larn astir the gut microbiome, said Wright, who is besides a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. But successful general, she said, diets affluent successful foods similar vegetables, fruits and high-fiber grains assistance "feed" beneficial gut microbes.

"It inactive goes backmost to food," Wright said.

Hazen, too, said helium is simply a "big supporter" of utilizing fare to alteration the gut microbiome, alternatively than adding definite bugs via probiotic supplements.

"Changing your fare changes the soil" that feeds gut microbes, helium explained.

The latest findings physique connected earlier enactment by Hazen and his colleagues focusing connected TMAO. The chemic is generated erstwhile gut bacteria interruption down carnitine, a nutrient peculiarly abundant successful reddish meat.

The researchers had already shown that TMAO appears to rise the hazard of bosom illness and stroke. And successful a 2019 study, they recovered that adding reddish nutrient to steadfast people's diets for a abbreviated clip boosts humor levels of TMAO. Those levels went backmost down, though, erstwhile reddish nutrient was swapped for either achromatic nutrient oregon rootlike proteins.

In the latest study, looking astatine some humans and laboratory mice, the researchers recovered that a clump of gut bacteria -- wrong a radical called Emergencia timonensis -- alteration carnitine into TMAO. While meat-eaters harbor a decent magnitude of those microbes, longtime vegetarians and vegans person precise few.

In the experiments with mice, the researchers recovered that introducing E. timonensis boosted TMAO levels and the blood's propensity to signifier clots.

The researchers besides analyzed stool samples from radical who took portion successful the 2019 fare study. They recovered that erstwhile participants were eating a batch of reddish meat, their stool harbored much of the culprit E. timonensis microbes; erstwhile they switched to non-meat macromolecule sources, those microbial levels dropped.

There are humor tests disposable to measurement people's TMAO levels. And Hazen said that these could perchance let health-care providers to springiness patients much idiosyncratic fare advice: If someone's TMAO levels were high, limiting reddish nutrient would beryllium peculiarly important.

But what you instrumentality in, Wright noted, is arsenic important arsenic what you limit. She said that fermented foods similar yogurt and kimchi, which incorporate definite microbes, tin beryllium bully choices. But again, she stressed, wide fare is what's cardinal successful supporting a steadfast gut.

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The American Heart Association has proposal connected heart-healthy eating.

SOURCES: Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD, director, Center for Microbiome and Human Health, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio; Lauri Wright, PhD, RDN, adjunct professor, chair, nutrition and dietetics, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Fla.; Nature Microbiology, Dec. 23, 2021, online

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