Rabbitohs stars bite back at Latrell criticism

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South Sydney skipper Adam Reynolds has jumped to the defence of under-fire superstar Latrell Mitchell, declaring the squad volition look aft him pursuing his arguable precocious changeable connected the weekend.

Mitchell won't play again this play aft accepting a six-match ban for a unsafe tackle connected erstwhile Roosters teammate Joey Manu, which near the prima centre with a depressed facial fracture.

The aftermath has seen a fig of the NRL's biggest voices travel down hard connected Mitchell implicit the incident, but Reynolds defended his teammate and claims the fullback would ne'er "deliberately wounded someone."

"He's each right, we'll look aft him," Reyolds told reporters today.

"Obviously the Match Review Committee has dealt with it present truthful it's astir america moving on.

Referee Ashley Klein speaks with Joseph Manu of the Roosters aft receiving a precocious tackle from Latrell Mitchell (Getty)

"What's happened has happened. We've moved past it, we're looking forward.

"Obviously, we can't look backmost now, we've got a beauteous important week successful beforehand of us, evidently we've got to get things right. There's lone 1 crippled to spell earlier the semi, truthful our absorption is there.

"No subordinate goes retired determination to deliberately wounded someone. That's fundamentally each I'm going to accidental astir the situation."

Reynolds past play famously spoke retired successful enactment of Mitchell aft the fullback was highly criticised for his infamous COVID-19 breach alongside Storm prima Josh Addo-Carr.

The Souths skipper was questioned connected whether the media and nationalist attraction of Mitchell had improved since.

Latrell clobbers Manu

"Everyone's got beardown opinions of radical successful the game, evidently immoderate much than others. It's however we grip it arsenic individuals," helium added.

"It's beauteous casual to basal down a microphone and container idiosyncratic oregon person comments astir idiosyncratic but you don't truly cognize what they're reasoning oregon feeling bash we?"

Meanwhile, South Sydney winger Campbell Graham said helium hoped the incidental wouldn't alteration Mitchell's aggression and the mode helium approaches each game.

"I don't privation to spot Latrell alteration his crippled astatine all. I emotion what helium brings connected the field, I emotion his aggression and his intent connected the field," Graham said.

"Sometimes things spell incorrect connected the footy tract and sometimes you're connected the incorrect extremity of it.

"It's a shame, you don't ever privation to spot anyone from the absorption teams getting hurt, that's not what our crippled is about.

Fittler backs Taaffe astatine fullback for Latrell

"But determination is simply a spot for aggression and physicality successful our crippled and Latrell brings that.

"Unfortunately sometimes it goes incorrect and similar I said nary 1 wants to spot that, I don't privation to spot that but sometimes that's conscionable however it is.

"Latrell is decidedly not the lone subordinate that gets it wrong, there's plentifulness of players successful the NRL that bring that aforesaid aggression.

"That's what a batch of radical emotion to see, we spot it plentifulness of times passim the twelvemonth erstwhile players conscionable get it incorrect and immoderate players mightiness get hurt... it's conscionable 1 of those things astir playing rugby league I guess."

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