PS5 could get VRR this December

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(Pocket-lint) - PlayStation whitethorn person sold much PS5 units to day than Xbox has of the Series X/S, but the second machines bash inactive person the upper-hand erstwhile it comes to video output and, specifically, compatibility with modern TVs.

That's due to the fact that the Xbox consoles enactment VRR (variable refresh rates) implicit HDMI. This allows an enabled TV to alteration refresh rates connected the alert to contiguous a creaseless show careless of immoderate framework drops oregon evident stutters.

Thankfully though, the PS5 could soon drawback up.

A caller study claims that, alongside a firmware update for respective Sony Bravia TVs, the PlayStation 5 could besides summation VRR enactment successful December.

The president of US retailer Value Electronics, Robert Zhon, has revealed that 2021 Sony TVs volition summation VRR enactment astatine the extremity of this year, which prompts galore to judge that's to comply with the diagnostic being added to the company's flagship games machine: "I spoke a small spot connected the broadside astir the long-awaited upgrade to adaptable refresh complaint connected the X900H, X90, X95, and each the different 2021 TVs," helium said successful a YouTube interview. "That’s inactive connected people for December this year."

He was allegedly told the day by Sony engineers.

Now each we request are much manufacturers to follow VRR connected their sets. It truly does marque a monolithic difference.

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