'Only Murders in the Building' is Steve Martin's take on a Manhattan murder mystery

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Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin successful  Hulu's 'Only Murders In The Building.'

(CNN)"Only Murders successful the Building" mightiness person been co-created by Steve Martin, but it has the consciousness of Woody Allen's lighter mysteries, drenched successful New York-centric touches and characters arsenic eccentric arsenic the décor successful their high-rise apartments. Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez play the improbable sleuths, successful a Hulu bid that's bully amusive arsenic agelong arsenic you don't over-think it.

Martin's Charles is simply a erstwhile TV prima -- his past with a transgression procedural comes successful useful -- who has fundamentally go a recluse. He grudgingly catches up with Short's Oliver, a cash-strapped theatre director, erstwhile the 2 are forced to evacuate their gathering due to the fact that 1 of the residents has been murdered.

Before long, they've teamed with a mysterious and overmuch younger neighbor, Mabel (Gomez), hatching elaborate plans to not lone ace the lawsuit but to crook their findings into a true-crime podcast.

    Co-created by Martin and John Hoffman, who besides produced on with a squad that includes "This is Us'" Dan Fogelman, the bid not amazingly revels successful inside-showbiz humor, drafting connected Charles and Oliver's self-obsessed backgrounds. But it besides reveals an astute receptor for existent crime, exploiting the conception that Manhattanites spell astir their concern without knowing overmuch astir who's down the hall, overmuch little successful the remainder of the building.

      The large names don't extremity with the cardinal trio, attracting cameos by the likes of Tina Fey, Nathan Lane and Amy Ryan, arsenic good arsenic a definite stone prima who happens to beryllium 1 of the building's understandably wary occupants.

      As with movies similar Allen's "Manhattan Murder Mystery" (one of the much evident comparisons, though determination are plenty), the conception that it takes a life-and-death concern to get the humor pumping is intelligibly evident here. Despite his grumbling, Charles notes that pursuing the probe is "the astir live that I've felt successful a decade."

      Martin and Short's agelong affiliation includes "Father of the Bride" and "The Three Amigos," but Gomez (ostensibly sitting successful for Chevy Chase) proves good matched with this seasoned pair, arsenic Mabel harbors her ain secrets -- starting with however a young pistillate tin spend to unrecorded unsocial successful this gathering -- that play into the story.

      Hulu didn't marque the last episodes available, truthful it remains to beryllium seen whether the payoff enhances the journey; still, the underlying enigma is astir beside the point, adjacent if the victim's name, "Tim Kono," gets repeated truthful galore times that it would marque for a beauteous bully drinking game.

        As a writer, Martin has ever exhibited eclectic tastes, and "Only Murders" reflects a playful hold of those sensibilities. In a bully dichotomy, it's a throwback to an earlier benignant of entertainment, but each astir podcasts and moving connected a new-fangled streaming service. In short, conscionable the spot these days that you'd expect to find a chaotic and brainsick feline and his pals.

        "Only Murders successful the Building" premieres Aug. 31 connected Hulu.

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