More injury woe for Chooks as Taukeiaho goes down

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The Roosters person copped yet different wounded stroke arsenic powerhouse frontman Sio Siua Taukeiaho went down with what appeared to beryllium a superior genu wounded successful his side's nonaccomplishment to the Rabbitohs tonight.

South Sydney made it 3 connected the trot against the Roosters with a 54-12 triumph contiguous successful Brisbane, and to marque matters worse for Trent Robinson's men, Taukeiho departed aboriginal successful the 2nd fractional and did not return.

The guardant became tangled up successful an awkward tackle successful which his near genu became trapped and twisted underneath him, screaming retired arsenic helium crumpled to ground.

Taukeiaho goes down with a superior genu injury. (Getty)

"Oh, his knee. You could spot that conscionable unfolding. That'll do," legendary commentator Ray Warren said.

Phil Gould was arsenic rattled.

"He's had problems with his knee. He's been bent backwards and he's got his limb caught underneath and he's had genu issues. Oh, dear. That's not nice," helium said.

"People question sometimes whether they gain their money. Well, that's an illustration of the risks they instrumentality and however pugnacious this crippled tin beryllium sometimes. Let's anticipation it's not arsenic atrocious arsenic it looked."

It's a immense stroke for the Chooks who are moving connected fumes with their disposable players up of finals football.

Minutes later, Joey Manu would depart the lucifer aboriginal with a gruesome facial wounded aft being caught precocious by erstwhile teammate Latrell Mitchell successful a brutal hit.


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