Magic Leap grants healthcare startups access to its new AR headset ahead of mid-2022 release

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Ahead of a planned endeavor merchandise aboriginal this year, Magic Leap has provided a radical of healthcare companies with early access to its second-generation augmented world headset. One of the companies, SentiAR, offers bundle that allows doctors to spot a 3D exemplary of a patient’s bosom portion they’re operating them. Another company, Brainlab, wants to marque its Mixed Reality Viewer bundle disposable connected Magic Leap 2.

That Magic Leap is making its latest wearable disposable to integer healthcare startups archetypal isn’t surprising; CEO Peggy Johnson said arsenic overmuch would hap last April. "Augmented world whitethorn alteration healthcare much than immoderate different industry, astatine slightest successful the adjacent term," she said astatine the time, noting besides that the institution would absorption connected endeavor customers astatine launch.

Magic Leap has famously struggled since its emergence arsenic 1 of Silicon Valley’s astir hyped startups. In 2019, it came retired that the institution had reportedly lone sold 6,000 units of its $2,300 Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset done the archetypal six months that the instrumentality was available. It subsequently spent months laying disconnected employees earlier a $350 cardinal investment gave it a caller changeable of life.

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