John Stamos says he's 'just not ready to say goodbye' to Bob Saget

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(CNN)John Stamos posted a heartfelt tribute connected Tuesday to his beloved person and erstwhile costar, Bob Saget.

Saget, who died Sunday astatine the property of 65, is being profoundly mourned by family, friends and fans.

Stamos shared his emotion connected his verified Instagram relationship with a photograph of him and Saget successful ceremonial wear, penning "I'm not acceptable to judge that he's gone - I'm not going to accidental goodbye yet."

    "I'm going to ideate him retired there, inactive connected the road, doing what helium loves with each his bosom and humor," Stamos continued. "He's lasting connected stage, killing! Another two-hour acceptable successful beforehand of a mates 100 of the luckiest radical connected the planet."

      Saget was successful Florida implicit the play arsenic portion of his drama circuit and had posted on his verified societal media accounts astir what turned retired to beryllium his last show. He was recovered dormant successful his Orlando edifice country the adjacent day.

      "At this time, determination is nary grounds of cause usage oregon foul play," Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany said successful a connection to CNN connected Monday. "The origin and mode of decease are pending further studies."

      Stamos, who costarred with Saget connected "Full House" and its sequel bid "Fuller House," writes astir a script wherever aft the amusement his person is "On his mode to the hotel, helium calls his beautiful, loving wife, Kelly. He says helium feels 26 again, alive!"

        "He tells her helium loves her with each spot of his heart. And erstwhile helium gets to the edifice to enactment his caput connected the pillow, helium misses his daughters, his family, his friends," Stamos wrote. "God, helium loves america each truthful much. And helium goes to slumber dreaming of erstwhile we'll each conscionable again - and he's smiling. I cognize successful my bosom he's smiling, inactive proceeding the laughter from a fewer hours before."

        He concluded his post: "I'm conscionable not acceptable to accidental goodbye yet. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe."

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