Jamie Lynn Spears speaks out in a new interview about strained relationship with sister Britney Spears

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(CNN)Jamie Lynn Spears is opening up astir what led to her strained narration with her popular prima older sister Britney Spears.

There's been a misconception, the younger Spears said, astir her relation successful Britney Spears' 13-year court-ordered conservatorship, which ended past twelvemonth after a justice removed the pair's father, Jamie Spears, from oversight of her finances and aesculapian decisions.

"When (the conservatorship) was enactment into place, I was (a) 17-year-old, I was astir to person a baby," Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, told Juju Chang connected ABC's "Good Morning America." "I didn't recognize what was happening nor was I focused connected that. ... I recognize conscionable arsenic small astir it past arsenic I bash now."

    "There was nary maine overseeing funds oregon thing similar that, and if determination was (that perception), that was a misunderstanding, but either mode I took nary steps to beryllium a portion of it."

      Jamie Lynn Spears adjacent went arsenic acold arsenic to assistance Britney Spears, present 40, research options to get retired of the conservatorship, said the histrion and vocalist who roseate to fame connected the deed Nickelodeon show, "Zoey 101," and is present promoting her caller book, "Things I Should Have Said."

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        "I've ever been my sister's biggest supporter," Jamie Lynn Spears told "GMA." "So, erstwhile she needed help, I acceptable up ways to bash so, went retired of my mode to marque definite that she had the contacts she needed to perchance spell up and extremity this conservatorship and conscionable extremity this each for our family. If it's going to origin this overmuch discord, wherefore proceed it?"

        "I adjacent spoke to her ineligible team, ... her erstwhile ineligible team, and that did not extremity good successful my favor," she added. "I did instrumentality the steps to help. How galore times tin I instrumentality the steps without ... She has to locomotion done the door."

          Britney Spears testified doubly past twelvemonth that the conservatorship was "abusive," alleging she'd been forced to perform, usage commencement power and instrumentality medicine against her will.

            The Grammy victor has blamed her household successful Instagram posts for the conservatorship since it was terminated. The "Baby One More Time" vocalist besides precocious unfollowed Jamie Lynn Spears connected Instagram.

            "That emotion is inactive determination 100%, I emotion my sister," the younger Spears said Wednesday. "I've lone ever loved and supported her and done what's close by her. And she knows that. So, I don't cognize wherefore we're successful this presumption close now."

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