Investors Are Running Scared From China’s Stocks. Where to Find Opportunities.

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Updated Aug. 27, 2021 8:02 americium ET / Original Aug. 27, 2021 7:41 americium ET

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Illustration by Justin Metz

It has been a unsmooth twelvemonth for investors successful China, particularly those who forgot that it’s inactive a Communist federation with a authorities that tin enactment unilaterally and alteration absorption swiftly and ruthlessly. After immoderate surprising, and precise anticapitalist, moves successful the past respective months, Chinese stocks are plummeting. China’s marketplace is down 20% successful the past six months, portion immoderate of its biggest names person dropped much than 40%. Has China go uninvestible? No—but it has gotten a batch much complicated.

U.S. investors person largely...

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