How to Write a Non Profit Event Press Release

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This is a rule for how to compose public statements for non-benefit associations. Public statements can be exceptionally useful in getting the news out about local area administration or interfaith-related occasions.

Essential Elements of a Non-Profit Press Release

1. At the point when the delivery can be conveyed: Usually, the delivery will convey the words, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. This can be placed above or underneath the title and can be on one or the other side of the page

2. Title: Centered across the top of association's letterhead or unique news discharge writing material

3. Authoritative data: This can go over the title or beneath. Typically shows up on the left side.

Name of Organization &  Press Release Events Examples


Telephone Number

Site URL

4. Contact data Can go above or underneath the title, and on the right or left half of the page.

Name (can be an individual's name or a conventional spot, for example, "the Public Affairs Department")

Email address of individual or division

Telephone Number (incorporate office telephone and PDA numbers)

5. Design:

Place, day, date (begins the primary line of delivery)

Assemblage of delivery

Standard data about the not-for-profit association

Rehash contact data And/or propose to give somebody to meet with.

 (These imprints are focused just beneath the substance of the delivery and sign the finish of the delivery)

Test Event Press Release on Events Outline:



Contact Person Organization Name Voice Phone Number Email Address Website URL


[City], [State], [Date] - The primary section. Start your public statement with a two-sentence section that gives a fast outline of the news and why it is significant. It ought to peruse effectively and make your news sound invigorating to an overall crowd.

Then, give some foundation data on the program or occasion. Make a point to compose your delivery in wording that your interest group and the overall population will comprehend.

Your text ought to make sense of the reason for your occasion and interest the peruser to figure out more, visit your site, and reach you for more data.


The last section ought to be a concise portrayal of your understudy association. Incorporate a synopsis of different occasions or happenings and a concise history of the organization. Likewise incorporate "For more data, contact:" as the last sentence.

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