How to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on TV, online and on mobile

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(Pocket-lint) - Following Covid delays, the Toyko 2020 Olympics started connected 23 July 2021, with much than 2 weeks of enactment crossed the 33 assorted sports, from athletics and boxing, to gymnastics and swimming. The Closing ceremonial volition besides beryllium streamed unrecorded for the satellite to watch, arsenic the Opening 1 was connected 23 July.

This is our usher connected however to ticker Tokyo 2020 Olympics sporting enactment connected assorted platforms. Whether TV, online, mobile oregon radio, we person you covered.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games timings

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics started connected 23 July and tally done to 8 August 2021.

It is important to note, particularly if you are successful the UK, that Tokyo is successful a antithetic clip portion truthful events volition beryllium connected British TV screens respective hours earlier than you'd expect arsenic Tokyo is 8 hours up of British Summer Time (BST).

How tin I ticker the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games connected TV?

Traditionally the BBC has the rights to the Olympic Games successful the UK, though this clip astir its sum is scaled backmost from that successful 2012 and 2016. Basically, it tin lone amusement 2 unrecorded streams astatine 1 clip successful summation to highlights.

That's due to the fact that the rights are really owned by Eurosport which brands itself arsenic 'home of the Olympics successful Europe' - the broadcaster struck a woody for the BBC to amusement immoderate sum subsequently. Legally, the Olympics have to beryllium shown connected free-to-air TV successful the UK.

Eurosport's sum volition besides beryllium disposable done the Discovery+ streaming service. You tin get Discovery 4K done Sky Q successful the UK. 

Discovery/Eurosport besides has a dedicated virtual world workplace called 'The Cube', meaning that it's capable to bring unneurotic pundits and streams from up to 7 antithetic locations. 


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In the US, NBC has rights to the Olympic sum arsenic accustomed and volition beryllium offering its comprehensive, every-event sum connected NBC TV and connected

On the BBC determination volition beryllium sum each nighttime connected BBC One from midnight to 5am, followed by a peculiar variation of BBC Breakfast from 5am to 9am with the champion of the overnight action.

There is continuous sum passim the day, with a Today At The Games amusement taking spot from 7:30pm to 9pm connected BBC One each time looking backmost astatine the biggest and champion moments from the day's events. You tin past proceed watching the enactment connected BBC Two with Olympics Extra taking spot from 9pm to 10pm.

All shows connected BBC One and BBC Two volition besides beryllium disposable to ticker unrecorded oregon on-demand connected BBC iPlayer.

How tin I ticker the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games online?

In the US, NBC volition person each the unrecorded watercourse sum at its dedicated Olympics site

In the UK, BBC Sport website volition besides beryllium hosting highlights and unrecorded channels each day, each time of the event. Just caput to You tin besides unrecorded watercourse from BBC iPlayer. 

There is besides interactive contented crossed BBC Sport's societal media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, that volition let you to get progressive successful the excitement.

As we mentioned, Eurosport's afloat all-sport sum is besides disposable done Discovery+ online and done apps. Discovery volition besides beryllium showing the Olympics closing ceremonial connected YouTube successful Europe, arsenic it did with the opening ceremony. There is besides a clump of different Olympics themed videos connected Eurosport's YouTube transmission and highlights, too. 

How tin I ticker the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games connected my smartphone oregon tablet?

The BBC Sport app for iOS and Android volition supply each the quality and details coming from the Games successful the UK. In the US, you tin get the NBC Sports app. 

You tin besides acceptable up the apps to nonstop you notifications of thing you privation to support way of. That includes Tokyo 2020 successful wide oregon immoderate of the sports individually. There are besides unrecorded substance updates available. 

You tin ticker the unrecorded broadcasts done BBC iPlayer oregon the NBC Sports app connected your mobile device.

How tin I perceive to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games connected radio?

BBC Radio 5 Live is offering a 17-day docket of the Olympic Games that started connected 23 July.

There is an Olympic Breakfast amusement from 6am to 9am that volition screen each the overnight quality from Japan and unrecorded commentary arsenic it happens.

From 1am to 6am each day, a amusement called Up All Night volition screen the latest from the greeting sessions successful Tokyo, portion from 11am to 2pm, BBC Radio 5 Live person the enactment from the evening events. There is past a regular highlights amusement connected Radio 5 Live Sport. All shows volition beryllium disposable connected BBC Sounds too.

Additionally, BBC Sounds offers an on-demand Olympics Daily podcast that rounds up the champion commentary moments and stories from The Games. There is simply a caller podcast called Olympic Mile too, which is simply a three-part bid that sees Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller get to cognize athletes arsenic they hole for this year's Summer Olympics by walking a mile with them.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 25 June 2021.

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