How to sync Philips Hue lights with your favourite games, music and movies on PC

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(Pocket-lint) - A mates of years ago, Philips announced the committedness of improvements to the Philips Hue lighting scope with the summation of Philips Hue Entertainment. This strategy allowed for the instauration of amusement zones wrong your location wherever astute lighting could beryllium utilized to make greater ambience erstwhile watching antithetic sorts of content. 

An update to this strategy means you tin easy acceptable up Philips Hue lights to respond to what's happening connected your gaming PC oregon Mac. 

This includes syncing your lights with games, euphony and video that's playing connected your instrumentality arsenic good arsenic easy accessing modular scenes wrong the app.  


How to sync Philips Hue lights with your favourite games euphony  and movies connected  PC representation  2

How to acceptable up Philips Hue Light Sync

Firstly you request colour Philips Hue lights - immoderate lights volition bash but we've recovered Hue light strips and spotlights enactment particularly well. With the Philips Hue App installed you tin make an amusement country to archer the strategy which lights you privation to sync with your games.  

The adjacent measurement is simply to download the Philips Hue Sync tool to your computer. Installing this volition past speech you done the steps indispensable to brace with your Philips Hue Bridge and to acceptable up the app to enactment with your lights. 


How to sync Philips Hue lights with your favourite games euphony  and movies connected  PC representation  4

Within the app's settings, you tin past prime the show you privation to sync the lights with - if you're utilizing aggregate displays past you request to acceptable the default show oregon the lights won't sync properly. 

The app itself tin past beryllium acceptable to motorboat erstwhile you crook your machine connected oregon you tin conscionable commencement it erstwhile you privation to usage it similar immoderate different software. 

For standard day-to-day use you tin usage this app to run the basal airy settings including brightness adjustments and switching betwixt the 4 scenes (read, relax, ore and energize). 

The amusive happens successful the different settings. Selecting "games" and clicking "start airy sync" prepares your lights to respond to the games connected your screen. It's past conscionable a lawsuit of booting up your favourite crippled and diving in. 

We've been giving it a whirl successful assorted games and are thoroughly impressed with what a quality it makes to the experience. Sometimes the lighting is subtle, different times it's incredibly immersive. The brightness and colours displayed beryllium connected what's happening connected the surface and the syncing works truly well. 

You besides person the enactment of switching betwixt subtle, moderate, precocious and aggravated effects and adjacent getting the app to usage crippled audio to find lighting visuals too. 

This caller strategy seems to beryllium a large betterment connected the previous syncing we've seen with Razer Chroma. It's besides truly flexible successful that you tin usage it for mundane usage and syncing with games and movies too. 


How to sync Philips Hue lights with your favourite games euphony  and movies connected  PC representation  3

Syncing with your favourite tunes and flicks

The Philips Hue Sync tool also offers the quality to sync your colour lights with euphony and movies you're watching connected your machine. We've fired up Spotify and Netflix to springiness it a whirl and recovered it made watching and listening much enjoyable. 

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With music, you're fixed the enactment to prime from assorted colour palettes for the lights to play with. The strategy past listens for the beats and makes the lights successful your amusement country respond accordingly. 

With movies and videos, the sync app responds successful a akin mode to the mode it works with games. The results are reasonably fantastic. 

This caller tech is akin to what we've seen with Philips Ambilight televisions successful the past, but present it tin enactment successful much places, arsenic agelong arsenic you person the processing powerfulness to backmost it up. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 10 August 2018.

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