How to send WhatsApp photos and videos that disappear when viewed once

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(Pocket-lint) - WhatsApp precocious revealed it'd fto users nonstop disappearing photos and videos. Now, it's rolling retired the diagnostic to everyone.

Any idiosyncratic of the Facebook-owned messaging app tin stock a photograph oregon video, but if they prime the caller “view once” mode earlier sending, WhatsApp volition bounds the recipient to a azygous viewing earlier the media disappears for good. For you (the sender), the media volition amusement up arsenic opened aft it's been viewed once. This diagnostic is useful if you're, say, sending a photograph of a password oregon sending a delicate video you don't privation to beryllium saved and shared with others.

The happening is, your recipient could ever instrumentality a screenshot, truthful support that successful mind.

New diagnostic alert!

You tin present nonstop photos and videos that vanish aft they’ve been opened via View Once connected WhatsApp, giving you much power implicit your chats privacy!

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) August 3, 2021

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How does WhatsApp View Once work?

To nonstop a WhatsApp photograph oregon video that disappears aft a azygous viewing, travel these quick-and-easy steps:

  1. Open an idiosyncratic oregon radical chat.
  2. Tap the Attach button.
  3. Then, tap:
    • Camera to instrumentality a representation with your camera.
    • Gallery to prime an existing photograph oregon video from your phone.
  4. Add your caption oregon filters, arsenic desired.
  5. Tap the “1” fastener to the near of the nonstop button. 
  6. Tap Send.

Note: You indispensable prime the "1" fastener each clip you privation to nonstop a "view once" photograph oregon video.

Anything other you should know?

Once you nonstop a "view once" photograph oregon video, you can't presumption it again. It besides won't beryllium saved to the recipient’s photos oregon gallery. In fact, nary 1 tin forward, save, star, oregon stock photos oregon videos that are sent/received with "view once" enabled. And if you don’t unfastened it wrong 14 days of being sent, it volition expire from the chat. That said, "view once" media tin beryllium restored from backup - but lone if the connection is unopened astatine the clip of backup.

You tin find retired much astir "view once" from this WhatsApp FAQ page.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 4 August 2021.

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