How to reply to messages and start a thread in a Snapchat group chat

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(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever been successful a radical chat connected Snapchat, past you cognize however hard it is to respond to idiosyncratic messages - particularly erstwhile determination are respective radical talking each astatine once. Well, acknowledgment to a caller update, it's yet a batch easier to reply to radical successful Snap chats.

Starting successful January 2022, Snapchat is rolling retired a large update to its Android and iOS apps that introduces caller tools and features. Perhaps the astir important of these caller features is Chat Reply - arsenic it yet allows you to respond to idiosyncratic messages successful an ongoing chat. 

How to usage Chat Reply successful a Snap chat

According to Snapchat, Chat Reply tin assistance you "keep conversations connected way and pass with context", due to the fact that it allows you to ellipse backmost to a circumstantial connection successful a radical chat oregon immoderate chat and commencement a thread. To usage Chat Reply, simply clasp down connected a connection and click reply. That's it!

What other is caller successful Snapchat?

Snapchat's January 2022 update adds a fewer much chat-related features you mightiness find interesting:

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  • Bitmoji Reactions: React to immoderate connection with 7 Bitmoji responses.
  • Poll Stickers - Add Emoji-powered polls to Snaps and Stories to survey friends.
    • To make a poll, find the caller enactment successful the Sticker folder.
  • Improved Calling: Add lenses and preview who's successful a radical telephone earlier you join. 

To larn much astir Snapchat and however it works, spot Pocket-lint's guide: What is Snapchat, however does it work, and what's the point?

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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