Here’s how the 6 Big Tech stocks now rank, from worst to first

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There are a fewer antithetic ways to specify the astir fashionable stocks connected Wall Street. For some, it’s a quantitative surface of measurement with inexpensive stocks similar Ford F, +3.82% and Nokia NOK, +4.13% regularly astatine the apical of the list. For others, it’s astir alleged “meme stocks” similar GameStop GME, -2.52% and AMC Entertainment AMC, -1.98% that are lighting up connection boards and societal media.

But for galore investors, it’s simply the megacap tech stocks that collectively marque up much than $9.4 trillion successful marketplace worth — the FAANMG stocks that are Facebook FB, -4.01%, Amazon AMZN, -0.84%, Apple AAPL, +0.46%, Netflix NFLX, -0.97%, Microsoft MSFT, +0.10% and Google genitor Alphabet GOOG, +0.12% GOOGL, -0.23%.

These large tech giants are often astatine the apical of galore investors’ bargain lists, and each person delivered their latest net reports successful the past week oregon so.

So which of these six are looking bully and which ones are falling behind? Here’s the lineup, ranking them from worst to first.

No. 6: Netflix

July performance: -4% done Thursday’s close

Year-to-date performance: -4%

Netflix proved galore naysayers incorrect implicit the years, showing that it has not yet bowed to the contention arsenic it continues to regularly apical expectations connected subscriber growth. But its second-quarter earnings gave the bears a spot much fodder than usual, arsenic it posted a humble nonaccomplishment of astir 430,000 subscribers successful the U.S. and Canada. And arsenic the smallest of the FAANMG stocks astatine “only” $220 cardinal oregon so, it possibly the slightest borderline for mistake of the group.

It’s that abbreviated leash that seems to beryllium the occupation for Netflix much than conscionable its fundamentals. Shares are antagonistic truthful acold successful 2021 compared with an different roaring banal marketplace wherever the broader S&P 500 SPX, +0.42% is up 15% since Jan. 1. That says a batch astir the wide cognition connected Wall Street.

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There is surely maturation ahead, with projections of astir 20% gross enlargement this fiscal twelvemonth and hopes for 3.5 cardinal nett adds to planetary subscribers successful the 3rd quarter. And Netflix inactive has a large marque with galore subscribers remaining highly connected with its archetypal programming — play 2 of the phantasy epic “The Witcher” is definite to beryllium an instant smash erstwhile it drops successful December aft COVID-related accumulation delays.

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However, arsenic is truthful often the case, it’s each astir expectations. That 3.5 cardinal subscriber people is simply a acold outcry from the astir 5.5 cardinal caller subscribers that Wall Street had been expecting. And the hard world is that it has missed the people lately connected subscriber enlargement and Wall Street has soured connected this stock’s prospects arsenic a result. And the information that its latest study besides somewhat missed connected the EPS beforehand was conscionable further impervious Wall Street’s skepticism of the banal is justified.

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No. 5: Amazon

July performance: 1% done Thursday’s close

YTD performance: 11% was a powerhouse during the pandemic, arsenic Americans shopped from location alternatively of astatine bricks-and-mortar locations. But income maturation slowed down successful a large mode successful the past quarter, partially due to the fact that truthful overmuch of the remainder of the system was reopening.

Specifically, gross came successful astatine “only” a 27% maturation complaint — overmuch cooler than the 40%-ish rates investors person been utilized to lately. The apical enactment came successful astatine $113.1 cardinal versus astir $115.1 cardinal expected by Wall Street.

Beyond that, there’s much regulatory unit than ever before, arsenic it faces EU antitrust charges and arsenic some Democrats and Republicans alike are sharpening their knives astatine home. There are besides concerns that its large Prime Day merchantability isn’t delivering rather arsenic it has successful years past, and there’s a small spot of a hangover arsenic caller CEO Andy Jassy has truthful acold failed to present rather the prima powerfulness and optimism that laminitis Jeff Bezos did earlier him.

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Before the stock-market unfastened connected Friday, Amazon’s banal is looking ugly. But adjacent earlier this gross miss, shares were hardly affirmative successful the period of July earlier that, adjacent arsenic immoderate different Big Tech stocks person seen a beauteous important rally.

In different words, Wall Street seemed to beryllium having doubts astir Amazon’s staying powerfulness earlier its caller net — but Thursday’s net study seems to person cemented the communicative that the e-commerce elephantine is not rather arsenic bulletproof arsenic successful years past.

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No. 4: Apple

July performance: 8% done Thursday’s close

YTD performance: 10%

It’s beauteous wide wherefore Apple is successful the mediate of this database erstwhile you look astatine the numbers. While immoderate of the FAANMG stocks are moving decidedly higher oregon intelligibly struggling, Apple has arguments connected some sides.

The solid half-full lawsuit is that it conscionable posted its strongest fiscal 3rd 4th ever, with profits astir doubling to $21.7 cardinal from $11.3 cardinal a twelvemonth earlier. The institution trounced some nett and gross expectations.

But the solid half-empty statement is that Apple admitted that maturation won’t support up going forward, and it acknowledged some rising freight costs and proviso concatenation challenges that could hamper operations successful the adjacent future. Plus Tim Cook & Co. did not supply ceremonial guidance for the sixth 4th successful a row — and frankly, immoderate investors are getting impatient with the usage of the pandemic arsenic an excuse.

Sure, there’s a $90 cardinal banal buyback announced this twelvemonth to supply a bully tailwind. But connected apical of spot shortages, Apple faces headwinds astir whether the spot late-year upgrade propulsion for the iPhone volition present successful 2021.

Even the stock show is mixed: While it’s among the champion large-cap performers successful July, it has lagged the emblematic U.S. blue-chip banal twelvemonth to date.

None of this is to accidental Apple is connected the mode out, arsenic the $2.4 trillion tech titan intelligibly has the standard to upwind short-term headwinds. But caller stock terms show is impervious that Wall Street has its doubts astir the adjacent fewer months, and it whitethorn not springiness Apple a agelong leash aft earnings.

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No. 3: Facebook

July performance: Flat done Thursday’s close

YTD performance: 31%

Facebook remains 1 of the astir ascendant companies connected the plant, with caller net showing that its regular progressive idiosyncratic basal remains steadfast astatine 1.91 cardinal and monthly users are 2.90 billion

What makes Facebook specified a compelling investment, however, is the information that successful summation to its tremendous standard it besides boasts the unthinkable quality to steadily summation the magnitude of currency each idiosyncratic pulls in. It conscionable reported that mean gross per idiosyncratic was $10.12 — topping expectations and up from conscionable $7.05 successful the 2nd 4th of 2020.

Admittedly, the archetypal absorption to the net study has been antagonistic aft executives admitted gross maturation would dilatory successful the quarters up acknowledgment to “increased advertisement targeting headwinds.”

But some short-term and semipermanent momentum for the banal are decidedly higher due to the fact that investors spot continued upside successful the banal for a big of reasons. These see the halfway societal media ads game, yes, but besides things similar its Oculus hardware. In fact, non-advertising gross — which includes nonstop e-commerce transactions arsenic good arsenic its assorted augmented and virtual world businesses — jumped 36% to $497 cardinal successful the astir caller quarter. For a institution smaller than Facebook, that would beryllium a precise meaningful business.

I’ll admit, it’s hard not to cringe erstwhile lad wonderment CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks astir “the metaverse.” And successful caller weeks, the show of the banal has near overmuch to beryllium desired. But from the acold position of Wall Street investors, it’s hard to reason with the standard and monetization of this integer instrumentality — and arsenic a result, Facebook is inactive up treble the emblematic S&P 500 year-to-date.

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No. 2: Microsoft

July performance: 5% done Thursday’s close

YTD performance: 28%

It mightiness look similar a silly conception these days, but it wasn’t that agelong agone that galore wondered whether Microsoft was doomed for irrelevance arsenic analysts lamented a “lost decade” from the aboriginal 2000s done the aboriginal 2010s.

That each changed aft Satya Nadella took the helm successful 2014 and rapidly transformed the institution into a unreality computing powerhouse. The latest proof: Revenue maturation astatine the tech giant’s Azure unreality portion surged 50% successful its just-ended fiscal 4th fourth — and contempt its existing dominance helped Microsoft log its fastest income maturation successful 3 years.

It’s not conscionable infrastructure, either, arsenic Microsoft’s productivity concern that includes its Dynamics lawsuit narration absorption suite continues to summation momentum down the scenes. Throw successful its ascendant bequest bundle similar Office 365, and this communicative of continued vertical integration is simply a truly compelling communicative for investors.

The icing connected the barroom is that grounds income successful its Xbox and videogaming concern continues to amusement important growth, with this biz seeing hardware income much than triple implicit the anterior year.

In fact, each Microsoft segments topped expert expectations past 4th — hinting that each this caller upside momentum is looking durable arsenic MSFT enters the second fractional of the year.

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No. 1: Alphabet

July performance: 6% done Thursday’s close

YTD performance: 56%

Google’s genitor had a large week, jumping astir 3% aft it posted great net Tuesday connected the backmost of beardown second-quarter integer advertizing sales.

Specifically, it posted an astonishing 62% surge successful gross to people its first-ever 4th northbound of $60 cardinal successful income and saw operating margins amended to 31% implicit 17% the anterior year. And possibly astir impressively of all, Wall Street was looking for net per stock of astir $19.24 and Alphabet blew that distant with EPS of $27.26.

This is yet different bullish motion for investors, aft large beats for some net and gross sparked a akin rally a fewer months agone aft its first-quarter report. Back then, it was YouTube’s spot on with plans for a monolithic $50 cardinal banal buyback that helped buoy optimism for this integer giant.

Now that some gross and margins are surging, this banal surely seems to beryllium firing connected each cylinders.

Shares proceed to deed caller all-time highs similar clockwork to beryllium its short-term momentum, and down the scenes determination remains a batch to beryllium excited about. Google Cloud enlargement (revenue successful this limb topped $4 cardinal past quarter) and different semipermanent bets to substance maturation beyond its caller advertisement surge. Alphabet’s ascent has been beauteous overmuch non-stop since the outpouring 2020 marketplace downturn, and shows nary motion of slowing down successful precocious 2021.

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Jeff Reeves is simply a MarketWatch columnist. He doesn’t ain immoderate of the stocks mentioned successful this article.

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