GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Trashes Marjorie Taylor Greene And Jim Jordan

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) ripped Reps. similar Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan for being show artists portion defending Rep. Adam Kinzinger.


Wowie! Dan Crenshaw trashes ‘Freedom Caucus’ members Greene, Brooks, Gohmert, Gosar, Jordan, etc, arsenic “performance artists” portion defending Kinzinger. “We person grifters successful our midst .. prevarication aft prevarication aft lie.” 🍿

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 7, 2021

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Calls Out House Republican Grifters

Rep. Crenshaw said:

‘ve been successful Congress for 3 years now, and their 2 types of members of Congress. There’s show artists, and determination are legislators. The show artists are the ones who get each of the attention. The ones who you deliberation are much blimpish due to the fact that they cognize however to accidental slogans existent well. They cognize however to recite the lines that our voters privation to hear.

Let maine archer you something. In the archetypal 2 years of Trump’s presidency, erstwhile Republicans were successful power erstwhile each azygous clip were voting connected Donald Trump’s agenda, who bash deliberation was astatine the apical of that list, and who bash you deliberation was astatine the bottom? A batch of names you would admit were astatine the bottommost of that list. A batch of names you would admit were astatine the apical of that list. Number two, which volition astir apt marque you cringe a small bit, is Adam Kinzinger. He voted with Trump 99% of the time. He was fig two. Do you cognize who was astatine the bottom? Everybody successful the Freedom Caucus. All of them.

What you perceive truthful often is not true. It’s not true. We person grifters successful our midst….lie, aft prevarication aft lie, due to the fact that they cognize thing logically astir the blimpish heart. We’re disquieted astir what they are going to bash us. What they are going to infringe upon.

House Republicans Are Heading For A Civil War

It is incredibly uncommon to spot a Fox News favourite similar Dan Crenshaw telephone retired the grifters successful his ain House Caucus. Freedom Caucus members similar Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, Jordan, and others each rise millions of dollars.

Rep. Crenshaw was correct. Those members aren’t successful the House to govern. They are successful Congress to grandstand, beryllium celebrities, and marque money. It is intolerable to sanction 1 superior portion of authorities that Matt Gaetz,  Marjorie Taylor Greene, oregon Jim Jordan has projected due to the fact that they don’t attraction astir governing.

If Republicans triumph backmost the House, they are heading for a civilian war, and Kevin McCarthy is excessively anemic to halt them.

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