Follow The Money: Trump Campaign Gave 1/6 Rally Organizers $4.3 Million

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The Trump run has hidden spending done ammunition companies, but it is known that they paid the 1/6 rally organizers  $4.3 million.

Via Open Secrets:

Former President Donald Trump’s governmental cognition reported paying much than $4.3 cardinal to radical and firms that organized the Jan. 6 rally since the commencement of the 2020 election. However, questions stay astir the afloat grade of the Trump campaign’s engagement successful the “Save America” rally connected the time of the Capitol onslaught arsenic a House prime committee’s sweeping requests effort to radiance immoderate airy connected that day’s events.


But since Trump’s run and associated fundraising committee funneled millions of dollars done layers of opaque firms and ammunition companies wherever the eventual payee is hidden, the nationalist whitethorn ne'er cognize the afloat grade of the Trump campaign’s payments to organizers progressive successful the protests.

The Trump run tried to fell its spending

Trump and Jared Kushner utilized immoderate of the aforesaid techniques that they employed to effort to fell wealth from the IRS to debar run concern disclosure rules, truthful the I/6 Committee volition person a web to untangle if they mean to reply the questions astir Trump’s run and its relation successful the Capitol attack.

The Trump run paid for the rally that brought those who attacked the Capitol to Washington, DC. Trump besides incited the assemblage to onslaught the Capitol.

If Trump’s spending were supra board, determination would beryllium nary request to screen their tracks.

House Republicans are trying to fell their telephone calls, and Trump his run is trying to fell their spending.

If the 1/6 Committee tin reply wherefore it volition spell a agelong toward naming names connected the 1/6 attack.

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