Djokovic's Open hopes in limbo amid probe

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Novak Djokovic whitethorn person held a signifier league astatine Melbourne Park connected Tuesday, his 2nd time retired of detention, but inactive faces the imaginable of deportation due to the fact that he’s not vaccinated for COVID-19.

The top-ranked Djokovic deed the amusement courts wrong hours of winning a ineligible conflict Monday against the cancellation of his visa, based connected procedural grounds. He returned Tuesday day for a closed practice, with doors locked and lone his enactment squad allowed into Rod Laver Arena.

While he’s trying to marque up clip aft spending 4 days confined to an migration detention hotel, Djokovic is conscious helium could again person his visa revoked up of the Australian Open.

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A root with cognition of the concern told CNN the Australian Border Force is investigating whether Djokovic submitted a mendacious question declaration up of his accomplishment successful Australia.

Novak Djokovic practices connected Rod Laver Arena. (AP)

Djokovic declared helium had not travelled and would not bash truthful successful the 14 days starring to his accomplishment successful Australia connected Wednesday January 5, according to a question declaration submitted arsenic grounds to the tribunal determining whether helium would beryllium allowed to stay successful Australia.

Various pictures taken during that two-week play look to amusement Djokovic successful some Spain and Serbia.

Djokovic told borderline officers that Tennis Australia completed the declaration connected his behalf, but it was noted by the serviceman who cancelled his visa that the sporting assemblage would person facilitated that “based connected accusation the visa holder provided”.

The punishment for submitting a mendacious question declaration carries a maximum punishment of 12 months' prison, according to the Department of Home Affairs website.

The ABF probe comes arsenic Immigration Minister Alex Hawke considers exercising his powerfulness to deport the 34-year-old Serbian nether abstracted legislation, assessing a aesculapian exemption that the unvaccinated Djokovic relied connected to alert into Melbourne and the accusation supplied successful the visa application.

Djokovic returns to Rod Laver Arena

Mr Hawke’s bureau has issued a connection saying the substance is inactive nether information “in enactment with owed process”.

The premier ministers of Australia and Serbia discussed Djokovic's precarious visa earlier connected Tuesday.

The deportation play has polarised opinions and elicited beardown enactment for the 20-time Grand Slam victor successful his autochthonal Serbia.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Serbian counterpart, Ana Brnabić, agreed successful their telephone speech to support successful interaction implicit the disputed visa, Mr Morrison's bureau said.

“The PM explained our non-discriminatory borderline argumentation and its relation successful protecting Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr Morrison’s bureau said successful a statement.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is successful discussions with his Serbian counterpart implicit the saga (Sydney Morning Herald)

Ms Brnabić asked Mr Morrison to guarantee Djokovic was treated with dignity, nationalist broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) reported.

“The (Serbian) premier curate particularly emphasised the value of the conditions for grooming and carnal mentation for the upcoming competition, considering that Novak Djokovic was not allowed to bid successful the erstwhile days,” RTS reported.

Djokovic posted an representation of himself and 3 members of his squad astatine Melbourne Park successful the precise aboriginal hours of Tuesday connected societal media.

“I’m pleased and grateful that the Judge overturned my visa cancellation. Despite each that has happened, I privation to enactment and effort to vie @AustralianOpen. I stay focused connected that,” Djokovic tweeted. “I flew present to play astatine 1 of the astir important events we person successful beforehand of the astonishing fans.”

A borderline authoritative cancelled Djokovic’s visa astatine Melbourne’s airdrome past Thursday, hours aft helium arrived successful Australia from Marbella, Spain, to vie successful the tournament.

Djokovic household acknowledgment Australia’s justness system

A justice restored his visa and ordered Djokovic beryllium released from detention connected Monday, citing procedural errors by the borderline officials astatine the airport.

Djokovic had been fixed a aesculapian exemption by the Victorian authorities and Tennis Australia, the tourney organizer, from its vaccination rules to vie due to the fact that helium was infected with COVID-19 past month.

But Border Force declined to let him an exemption from nationalist vaccination rules for incoming non-citizens.

It said an corruption successful the erstwhile six months was lone a crushed for a vaccine exemption successful cases successful which the coronavirus caused terrible illness.

Since Djokovic’s visa was cancelled, Czech tennis subordinate Renata Voráčová and an unnamed European tennis authoritative person been deported for akin reasons.

Djokovic is hoping to triumph a 4th consecutive Australian Open rubric astatine Melbourne Park this period (AP)

The Morrison authorities has blamed the debacle connected Tennis Australia, which ministers impeach of misleading players astir Australia’s vaccine requirements. But newspapers person reported that Tennis Australia had pleaded with the Department of Home Affairs to cheque the visa paperwork of Djokovic and different players earlier their in-bound flights.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the national authorities had changed its borderline rules successful caller months.

“When we talked astir exemptions previously, you would callback that Minister Hawke had said that it was his anticipation that if you weren’t double-vaxxed, you wouldn’t get into the state whether you’re playing tennis oregon doing thing else,” said Mr Andrews.

“Turned retired that wasn’t the Commonwealth government’s presumption and that they person been letting radical successful who haven’t been double-vaxxed."

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