Dinosaur-era swamp ecosystem preserved in amber

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Rocks that formed successful a swamp successful what is present Spain 110 cardinal years agone incorporate some dinosaur bones and amber affluent successful invertebrate fossils

Life 7 December 2021

By Carissa Wong

feather successful  amber

Part of a feather preserved successful amber from the Santa Maria ember mine

Sergio Alvarez-Parra

An awesome trove of fossil-filled amber has travel to airy astatine a 110-million-year-old tract that has already yielded dinosaur bones successful Ariño, north-eastern Spain. The amber contains an unusually divers scope of insect, works and vertebrate fossils and provides a uncommon penetration into the beingness that inhabited what would person been a coastal freshwater swamp during the Cretaceous period.

“Having 2 antithetic yet complementary windows of preservation from a fixed fossil [site] – the bonebed and the …

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