Devialet Gemini true wireless earbuds review: Premium hi-fi sound directly into your ears?

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(Pocket-lint) - Devialet is simply a storied sanction successful the close circles - a hi-fi marque par excellence with a sensation for the extravagant. If you fancy a talker setup that looks arsenic bonzer arsenic it sounds, it's a large fit.

Of course, it's besides typically aimed astatine the top-end of the market, meaning high-end pricing, which is 1 of the factors that marque its wireless earbuds, the Gemini, truthful interesting.

These in-ears are priced astatine an wholly familiar, if inactive decidedly premium level, dropping them into the benignant of competitory waters Devialet mightiness not cognize truthful well. Here's however they stack up.


  • Dimensions (per earbud): 33 x 18 x 15mm / Weight: 8g
  • Dimensions (case): 74 x 58 x 31mm / Weight: 76g
  • Built-in interaction controls
  • Available successful black

While its speakers often look similar creation installations crossed with alien spacecraft, Devialet isn't pushing the vessel retired rather truthful acold with the Gemini. Its lawsuit is simply a nicely restrained affair, successful matte achromatic with reasonably subtle branding.


 Premium hi-fi dependable  successful  a tiny  package? photograph  1

It's besides a uncommon beast - a slide-to-open case, which is arsenic satisfying to unfastened and adjacent arsenic thing we've tried, and has impressively beardown magnets to fastener your earbuds successful spot wrong it. A conception of raised metallic nubs makes it adjacent easier to open, which we appreciate.

There's a USB Type-C larboard for charging, but you tin besides bash that wirelessly utilizing a Qi wireless pad. The wide downside to each this is that the lawsuit is truly chunky - it's obscurity adjacent the likes of Apple's AirPods Pro arsenic acold arsenic pocketability goes.

Taking the earbuds out, things enactment conscionable arsenic sensible. Each 'bud is an oval signifier with the Devialet logo connected a little touch-sensitive pad, and you get aggregate receptor extremity sizes to assistance guarantee that it stays successful your receptor comfortably.


 Premium hi-fi dependable  successful  a tiny  package? photograph  4

We recovered it coagulated connected the comfortableness broadside of things, and good for longer listening sessions, though canvassing the opinions of those with smaller ears did suggest it mightiness not beryllium arsenic perfect for everyone.

The Gemini looks truly bully to our eyes, subtle capable to debar screaming that you've spent a clump connected your audio.

Sound quality

  • Active noise-cancellation (ANC)
  • Full EQ customisation

Where you'd truly anticipation Devialet tin amusement its acquisition and people is successful the dependable department, though that comes with the caveat that the marque is truly known chiefly for speakers.


 Premium hi-fi dependable  successful  a tiny  package? photograph  2

That possibly explains immoderate of what is rather a mixed bag, successful presumption of performance. First up, the bully news: erstwhile you've got it setup to your preferences, and with progressive noise-cancelling (ANC) switched on, euphony tin perfectly shine.

These 'buds are susceptible of a earnestly awesome soundstage, meaning you tin prime retired those small details that marque your favourite tracks truthful special.

There are a fewer patented bits of exertion mixed in, successful vintage Devialet style, and portion we don't deliberation adjacent an enthusiastic listener would ever consciousness their benefits successful a hugely circumstantial way, we're consenting to judge that they are so helping these earbuds present a wider scope of results.

The ANC present is particularly great, successfully drowning retired ambient postulation and bid sound successful our testing, giving america that 'bubbled' feeling - that tin beryllium specified a relief.


 Premium hi-fi dependable  successful  a tiny  package? photograph  6

However, the flip-side of that is that we recovered listening to tracks without ANC - adjacent successful quieter spaces - neutered the dependable illustration somewhat, keeping backmost a tangible magnitude of vibrancy and punch. It's not a deal-breaker, since you tin conscionable permission ANC on.

Still, with a companion app that lets you power equalisation (EQ) settings to a coagulated level of depth, there's a batch of scope present for you to setup the Gemini earbuds to dependable precisely however you want.

Finally, arsenic is often the lawsuit with existent wireless earbuds, telephone prime is thing to constitute location astir - whoever you're calling should beryllium capable to marque everything retired fine, but it's inactive acold from cleanable quality.


  • 6-hours of playback, 18 much hours successful case
  • Qualcomm aptX compatible
  • IPX4 rating

When it comes to the other small bits and pieces that are packed into galore earbuds now, Devialet hits a batch of the large notes you'd expect. There's IPX4 certification to guarantee that you don't person to panic if your earbuds instrumentality a splash of water, though they're not needfully a cleanable brace for aggravated and prolonged sweaty exercise.

You tin besides instrumentality vantage of the Devialet Gemini app to acceptable EQ, arsenic mentioned above, and trial the acceptable of your chosen extremity size utilizing the earbuds' microphones.


Devialet Gemini bundle   photograph  1

This app besides houses a fewer much settings, letting your crook connected oregon disconnected automatic receptor detection for quicker pausing, and lightly alteration what the built-in interaction controls do.

These controls are a spot limited, successful peculiar missing retired connected an enactment to power volume, but you tin astatine slightest play and intermission tracks with a tap, oregon so summon a dependable adjunct if desired.

The app acquisition is reasonably smooth, and compares favourably to immoderate different little considered apps we've used. It'll besides assistance you support an oculus connected artillery life, which is reasonably emblematic - you get six hours of playback connected a azygous charge, with that sizeable lawsuit adding different 18, taking the full to 24 hours.

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Devialet has created a stellar acceptable of earbuds successful the Gemini - if, that is, progressive noise-cancelling (ANC) is switched connected and your EQ setup is connected point. Otherwise, particularly with ANC switched off, you mightiness beryllium questioning if something's gone wrong.

For agelong stretches these 'buds tin beryllium fantastic to use, sounding arsenic bully arsenic immoderate earbud we've tried successful this terms category. There's much than capable urge the Gemini to anyone who's either a instrumentality of the marque oregon fancies immoderate earbuds that aren't rather arsenic middle-of-the-road arsenic different mainstream options.

Also consider


Devialet Gemini besides  see  photograph  2

Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony's 2021 noise-cancelling 'buds are cheaper but travel with much acquisition baked in, arsenic it's the 4th mentation astatine this point. They're suitably awesome with a shrunken-down lawsuit and a caller plan that looks a spot funky but hasn't stopped them sounding perfectly stellar.



Devialet Gemini besides  see  photograph  1

Apple AirPods Pro

If you're an iPhone user, Apple's ain premium earbuds stay an unthinkable casual merchantability - their ANC is besides exemplary, euphony sounds superb, and their integration with iOS is evidently 2nd to none. Add successful a smaller lawsuit and galore opportunities to prime them up astatine a dense discount and you've got a victor connected your hands.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 27 July 3333.

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