Biden Can’t Stop Smiling When Asked About Running Against Trump Again

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President Biden was asked if helium would tally for reelection if it meant a rematch with Trump and helium broke retired into a large smile.


Biden connected getting to tally against Trump again, "That would summation the imaginable of running. "

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 23, 2021

Transcript of Biden and ABC’s David Muir:

Muir: I privation to inquire you astir something I asked weeks before the predetermination erstwhile we sat down. You said you would absolutely serve 8 years if elected. Do you program to tally for re-election? 

Biden: Yes. But, look, I’m a large believer successful fate. Fate has intervened successful my beingness many, galore times. If I’m successful the wellness I’m successful now, if I’m successful bully health, then, in fact, I would tally again. 

Muir: If that means a rematch against Donald Trump? 

Biden: You are trying to tempt maine now. Sure. Why would I not tally against Donald Trump arsenic the nominee? That would summation the prospect of running. 

Biden has Trump’s number. Trump knows it. President Biden knows it.  The much apt result is that Joe Biden runs and Donald Trump doesn’t successful 2024. Trump knows that if helium loses to Biden again, helium volition spell down successful past arsenic 1 of the top losers of each time.

The Trump sanction volition everlastingly beryllium associated with losing.

Trump’s erstwhile main of unit John Kelly said that helium wouldn’t tally again successful 2024 due to the fact that helium can’t grip the thought of being labeled a loser.

Biden can’t hold to tally against the slightest fashionable president successful history. However, Donald Trump mightiness not person the guts to amusement up.

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