Best PS5 games 2021: Amazing PlayStation 5 titles to pick up

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(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 5 is getting into its groove, present - Sony's next-generation console brings a brand-new controller (DualSense) and the powerfulness to marque games that look miles amended than thing we've seen connected a console before.

It mightiness inactive beryllium comparatively young for a console, but determination are already a big of superb games to prime up for the PS5, betwixt existent next-gen experiences and immoderate of the highlights of the past procreation moving amended than ever before. We've gathered the precise champion for you, close here. 

Best shooters



A crippled that came retired of obscurity for immoderate people, Returnal is simply a superbly atmospheric rogue-like third-person shooter. You play arsenic a stranded scientist, Selene, who is stuck successful a clip loop connected a ridiculously hostile alien planet. 

It's beauteous to look at, makes superb usage of the Dualsense controller, and has perfectly loads of systems to master. It's besides pugnacious arsenic nails, truthful if you've finished Demon's Souls and request different situation this'll beryllium close up your street. 

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is inactive huge, and adjacent with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War caller connected the scene, the free-to-play conflict royale crippled volition beryllium our first-person shooter of prime for the PS5, wherever you tin instrumentality vantage of higher-resolution textures to play with a caller sharpness.

There's loads of contented inactive to travel for the mode, including a long-awaited caller representation astatine immoderate constituent we hope, truthful there's nary clip similar the contiguous to instrumentality your archetypal airdrop into Verdansk. 

The Last of Us Part 2


A swan opus for the PlayStation 4, The Last of Us Part 2 is simply a masterpiece of storytelling and gut-churning action, and we loved each infinitesimal of it connected the PS4. Our console, though, seemed to hatred it, moving the hottest and loudest we ever saw it. 

If you privation to effort Naughty Dog's latest effort without a console's fans drowning retired the sound, get it moving connected your PS5 and you'll person a mode smoother and much enjoyable experience, spot us. 

Hitman 3


The superb decision to the astir caller trilogy of Hitman games, Hitman 3 looks perfectly beauteous connected next-gen, with gorgeous item and cracking lighting making levels look vibrant and lived-in. You erstwhile again instrumentality connected the relation of Agent 47 arsenic helium tries to unravel the secrets implied by past games.

If you privation a spot of stealth action, and levels that are astir endlessly replayable with antithetic playstyles, this is simply a large option. In fact, levels don't truly get overmuch much intricately designed than this successful astir immoderate game, truthful beryllium definite to savour it!

Resident Evil Village


The latest Resident Evil crippled is an implicit blast, whether it's frightening the pants disconnected you, oregon letting you rip with a wide arsenal of weaponry. It's got genuinely terrifying segments, and a communicative that's perfectly ludicrous fun.

It looks beauteous connected PS5, too, with stunning lighting and super-sharp resolutions lending it a wide next-gen sheen, each the portion sticking to a bully precocious framework rate. 

Best role-playing games (RPGs)

Demon's Souls


It mightiness beryllium a remake, but this is an unbelievable update to the FromSoftware crippled that started the Soulslike genre disconnected - a fantastical satellite peopled by terrifying and unsafe opponents that you indispensable research oh-so-carefully. 

The visuals are astonishing, and anyone who played the archetypal knows to expect immoderate of the astir memorable locations and battles successful each of gaming. It's a dainty for caller PS5 owners.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla


The latest successful 1 of gaming's astir titanic franchises, Valhalla is simply a superb Viking escapade done Norway and England. Playing arsenic Eivor, you'll pb your radical to state and settee caller lands, portion exploring a twisty and memorable story.

The crippled is perfectly astatine its champion connected next-gen, too, with creaseless framework rates and much-improved visuals making it a truly large showcase of what we tin each expect from the PS5 going forward. 

Best escapade and platforming games

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales


The archetypal Spider-Man crippled from Insomniac was an implicit blast, and we've got a speedy follow-up successful the signifier of Miles Morales, taking connected the suit and bringing his ain caller acceptable of powers to the party.

The visuals are amped up and look simply stunning, portion the textbook swinging-and-fighting enactment is conscionable arsenic amusive arsenic past clip out, and that's a heck of a bully thing. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


Insomniac has someway already got 2 games connected this database - its PS5-exclusive Ratchet & Clank crippled is conscionable arsenic joyful to play arsenic Miles Morales. It's besides adjacent much astonishingly pretty, with visuals that earnestly marque you consciousness similar you've yet arrived successful the adjacent generation.

There are beauteous worlds to explore, arsenic zany a lineup of weapons arsenic ever to person amusive with, and it each loads up astir instantaneously acknowledgment to choky integration with the PS5's hardware. You absoltutely person to springiness this 1 a due try.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure


Sackboy mightiness not rather person the mascot name-recognition of a Mario oregon Master Chief, but Sony's keen to hole that, and this charming platformer is simply a coagulated outcry successful that regard. 

It sees you usher the small ragamuffin done loads of themed levels, jumping astir and evading peril each the way, with a truly bully cartoony consciousness of amusive and ocular flair. A large household outing for the caller console. 

The Pathless


This hidden gem looks perfectly sumptuous connected the PS5, each superior colours and fantastic creaseless question (we'd play it utilizing the 60FSP mode if we were you). You play a huntsman who tin zoom astir the satellite utilizing her bow to clip shots for velocity boosts, and it has a fantastic consciousness of find astatine its core. You're near to your ain devices to research the onshore earlier you, clearing it of puzzles and obstacles successful your ain clip and order.

Best racing and sports games

Dirt 5


Dirt 5 is the archetypal existent next-gen racer and brings a scope of astonishing cars and courses for you to enjoy, harking backmost to the series' glory days of Dirt 2 with a light, amusive feel.

On PS5 you tin play astatine 120Hz (if your TV allows for it) to bask ultimate smoothness and full control, portion its integration with the DualSense controller is besides thing that you person to acquisition to truly appreciate. It's a large mode to scratch that racing itch connected PS5. 



Another year, different FIFA crippled - but this 1 benefits from the PS5's added powerfulness with much-improved graphics. It besides uses the Dualsense controller to springiness you mode much feedback during a game, which tin really get a small distracting. It mightiness not alteration immense amounts, but FIFA 21 is different truly accomplished shot game.

Rocket League

Free to play and wholly addictive, this sports and racing hybrid is perfectly superb successful motion. It mightiness look simple, but you'll soon observe that mastering its physics-based systems is simply a beingness job. Ranked play means that you'll ne'er beryllium retired of your depth, though, and we deliberation it's a must-have for playing with your friends online.

Best Indie games

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

Perhaps the astir astonishingly well-written RPG we've ever played, Disco Elysium is simply a superb detective crippled that'll person you gasping with delight astatine the audacity of its penning and dependable acting. You're escaped to play nevertheless you want, acold much truthful than successful much mainstream games, and immoderate of the niche outcomes this tin pb to are genuinely breathtaking.

It's got a unsocial creation style, superb dependable acting and truly has to beryllium played much than once, truthful that you tin adequately commencement to recognize conscionable however ambitious it truly is.

Outer Wilds

Another crippled that perfectly floored america with however good it accomplished its ambitions, Outer Wilds lets you research a star strategy to enactment retired conscionable what connected earth's going connected with its timekeeping. What makes it truthful special, though, is however organically it each unfolds, letting you travel your intuitions and insights to fig retired wherever you request to spell adjacent without holding your hand. Its puzzles are ingenious and its communicative is soothing - you truly person to play this game.



One of the champion games of caller years is present disposable connected PS5, and it's conscionable arsenic bully arsenic ever. With beauteous hand-drawn visuals to lucifer a frenetic pace, this roguelike is acceptable successful the titular onshore of the dead, arsenic you effort to interruption retired by moving a gauntlet of randomly-generated rooms afloat of enemies. It's superb amusive with randomised builds and layouts keeping things caller and superbly-written dialog keeping you engaged.

The Forgotten City


An intriguing enigma game, The Forgotten City asks you to fig retired wherefore a hidden past Roman enclave is getting turned to golden against their volition anytime anyone commits a sin, and on the mode you'll conscionable a large formed of characters. It's free-form and interesting, with loads of twists, and good worthy checking retired if you fancy a bully yarn.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 5 November 2020.

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