Best laptop under $500/£500 for 2021: Amazing budget and mid-range notebooks

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(Pocket-lint) - Now much than ever, a coagulated laptop feels similar an indispensable portion of our belongings - letting america bash thing from watercourse amusement to get enactment done with ease. Still, though, with the marketplace dominated by the likes of Apple's MacBooks and different ultra-portable all-metal numbers, it's casual to place that galore of america don't privation to walk that overmuch connected a machine.

The bully quality is that determination are loads of acold much reasonably-priced devices retired there, galore of which connection truly fantabulous worth for money. We've gathered unneurotic a enactment of the precise champion fund laptops connected the market, sticking to a terms bounds of £500 for the involvement of consistency. See what you think, below.

Our prime of the champion laptops nether $500/£500 


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Acer Swift 1


Acer has managed to marque a nice, truly slim laptop present astatine an awesome price.

Its SSD volition support your files zipping astir bully and quickly, and portion its processor is acold from cutting-edge, it volition get the occupation done, particularly if you're not apt to beryllium trying to edit high-resolution videos oregon anything. 

If you're looking for a nicely designed laptop, then, this is simply a large shout, and its terms sees it travel successful good beneath the £500 mark, which is not to beryllium sniffed astatine by immoderate means. 


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HP Stream 11

The 11.6-inch Stream 11 is simply a small basal for adults owed to its Celeron processor, but for children it's ideal.

Storage is simply a small lacking astatine 32GB - it's designed for radical storing documents alternatively than a implicit room of photos - but astatine this terms constituent you can't truly complain. 


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Microsoft Surface Go 2


Now, it's important to enactment instantly that the Surface Go 2 doesn't travel with a keyboard by default; you'll person to bargain one, which volition spot the terms apt tick up to the precise borderline of the £500 mark.

At its core, though, the Surface Go 2 is simply a large 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrid, and astir radical volition truly bask utilizing it seamlessly arsenic some devices.

We recognize that it won't beryllium to everyone's tastes, and successful an perfect satellite you'd upgrade the processor to the amended mentation available, which sadly increases the outgo inactive further, but if you privation a 2-in-1 with immoderate style, the Surface Go 2 is simply a truly bully caller option.  


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HP 250 G7

We'll beryllium unfastened connected this 1 - sometimes you'll spot the 250 G7 nether £500 and sometimes you won't.

That's conscionable astir bully capable for us, and lets america see what is an awesome machine, adjacent astatine its astir basal spec. It's a nice, elemental plan that volition acceptable into an bureau oregon schoolroom without drafting overmuch attention.

Its artillery beingness is singularly impressive, arsenic its physique quality, which is bully and solid, and portion it's not precisely the astir lightweight exemplary connected the market, it's a workhorse that volition beryllium capable to tackle astir of what you propulsion astatine it.

The core, aft all, is that for nether £500 you won't get specs overmuch amended than what it offers up (if you tin find it!).


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Asus C433 Chromebook Flip


Chromebooks mightiness not beryllium to everyone's sensation - there's nary getting astir the information that it'll instrumentality immoderate getting utilized to Google's OS, and you are somewhat constricted successful what you tin with the instrumentality arsenic a result.

But if you're apt to beryllium web browsing, connection processing and media streaming, it's definite to beryllium a bully fit, and the ASUS is simply a superb small Chromebook astatine its price.

It's coagulated and premium feeling and has a full-swing hinge to fto you presumption it successful aggregate modes and usage the touchscreen to the fullest, which is simply a bully addition. Plus, it's solidly specced, with a large show - if you're blessed to usage Chrome OS, this is simply a large pick.


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Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3


Lenovo's enactment of fund laptops is second-to-none and this large worth Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 is 1 of the champion options astir if you privation a Chromebook. 

It's besides a 2-in-1 truthful volition person - perfect for watching YouTube content, for example.

With Intel Celeron, 64GB of retention and 4GB of representation it's not the astir almighty enactment but it offers a batch for the meagre asking price. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 15 May 2020.

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