Best 13-inch MacBook cases 2021: Protect your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's MacBooks are immoderate of the astir ubiquitous laptops successful the world, with their silvery designs and Apple logos scattered passim offices, libraries, schools and homes with abandon.

They're superb machines, but they're besides beauteous pricey, truthful chances are that you don't privation to conscionable chuck them successful your container with immoderate other is successful determination erstwhile you're connected the move. Thankfully, their modular 13-inch sizing (for the mean MacBook Pro and MacBook Air) mean that determination are countless options retired determination arsenic acold arsenic cases are concerned. 

Setting speech different size options similar the monolithic 16-inch Macbook Pro for now, we've gathered unneurotic immoderate of the precise champion 13-inch Macbook cases disposable close now.

Our prime of the champion 13-inch MacBook cases to bargain today


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Sometimes simplicity is each you want, and Swedish institution Woolnut has heard that connection large and clear. Its laptop sleeve is delightfully pared-back, conscionable a snug leather screen to descent your machine into vertically, but it's crafted with evident attraction and precision.

A woolen interior guarantee nary scratching arsenic you instrumentality it successful and out, portion the leather extracurricular is brushed but steadfast capable to connection due extortion successful your bag. We've got the greenish colour and deliberation it's a delightful look, but others are disposable to assistance you tailor the lawsuit to your taste. 


Best 13-inch Macbook Cases For 2020 Protect Your Macbook Pro Or Macbook Air representation  2

JETech Laptop Sleeve


We cognize that, arsenic desirable arsenic it is, that honcho. sleeve is simply a small pricey for a laptop lawsuit - thankfully, that's not indispensable if you're connected a tighter budget. This lawsuit from JETech is superb value, and portion it won't needfully triumph you benignant points, its extortion is superb.

There's oodles of cushioning present to support your laptop safe, and a roomy beforehand pouch means you've got abstraction for charging cables, earbuds oregon immoderate other you privation to bring with you. 


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Apple Leather Sleeve


While it leaps backmost to the different extremity of the pricing scale, there's nary denying that Apple's ain leather sleeves are superb erstwhile paired with its laptops. This is the explanation of sleek, and determination are aggregate colours to suit your style, though this subtle bluish is our favourite.

It's a slipcase, meaning there's nary fussing astir with zippers oregon anything, portion an interior microfibre lining volition support your laptop snug and clean. The affordability mightiness not beryllium there, but this is simply a superb case.


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Incase Textured Hardshell Case


Apple sells a scope of Incase hardshell snap-on cases done the Apple Store, and our idiosyncratic favourite is this delightful textured option, which obscures the Apple logo connected your Macbook but gives a unsocial look to your machine.

It's textured with Woolenex and is nicely resistant to dings and scratches, and repels moisture and odours to support your instrumentality clean. If you prefer, though, determination are transparent and semi-clouded integrative options instead. 


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Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case


If a hardshell lawsuit takes your fancy, different large enactment is offered up by Moshi, with a clip-on plan and a fewer colours to prime from. It's successful the aforesaid ballpark arsenic Incase's options price-wise, but with somewhat antithetic finishes, truthful it's mostly down to your sensation successful presumption of your preference.

We favour this Stealth Black finish, which gives your MacBook a much low-key look and has a matte decorativeness that we similar for its grip and fingerprint-repellent nature.


Best 13-inch Macbook Cases For 2020 Protect Your Macbook Pro Or Macbook Air representation  6

Speck SmartShell


Our last hardshell lawsuit is truly akin to Moshi's, but somewhat undercuts it connected price, from Speck. It's a bully small lawsuit that clips connected similar you'd expect, and has awesome grip powerfulness to marque definite that it doesn't ever autumn disconnected unexpectedly. If you privation a somewhat cheaper case, this could beryllium a large choice. 


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hecho. Handmade Leather Sleeve Fernando Compatible with MacBook Pro 13"


The hecho. Handmade Leather Sleeve Fernando is simply a sleek, classy hand-made leather sleeve. It's our go-to lawsuit astatine the moment, keeping our MacBook Air harmless and dependable whether we're conscionable storing it distant for the evening oregon taking it connected a journey. It's a nicely low-profile lawsuit but the materials are noticeably high-quality, and it doesn't instrumentality up excessively overmuch country successful a container astatine all.

Its fairtrade status, hand-made stitches, and 24 period warranty much than marque up for the premium outgo too.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Claudio Rebuzzi. Originally published connected 4 May 2020.

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