Ben Sasse Claims Biden Administration Exhibited “Cowardice” over Afghanistan Withdrawal

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Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebr.) has been 1 of the much salient among the chorus of Republicans criticizing the Biden medication implicit the Afghanistan withdrawal and appears to person taken a much hardline presumption connected the withdrawal than helium did during the Trump administration.

Sasse released a statement calling the withdrawal a “national disgrace.”

“This nationalist disgrace is the nonstop effect of President Biden’s cowardice and incompetence. The President made the determination to spot the Taliban. The President made the determination to acceptable an arbitrary August 31st deadline,” helium said.

He added: “The President made the determination to wantonness Bagram Air Base. The President made the determination not to grow the perimeter astir Karzai International Airport. The President made the determination to undermine our NATO allies. The President made the determination to interruption our connection to our Afghan partners. The President made the determination to archer 1 prevarication aft different arsenic the situation unfolded. The President made the morally indefensible determination to permission Americans behind. Dishonor was the President’s choice. May past ne'er hide this cowardice.”

However, it is apt that Sasse would person had akin things to accidental astir the withdrawal had erstwhile President Donald Trump remained successful office. Sasse was among the Republicans who expressed reservations astir the Trump administration’s determination to gully down the American military’s beingness successful Afghanistan.

Last year, helium said immoderate determination to permission Afghanistan should not jeopardize the information of Americans astatine location and abroad.

“Headlines astir ‘bringing the boys home’ dependable good, but that’s not what’s happening,” helium said astatine the time. “I fearfulness this anemic retreat is not grounded successful world and volition marque the satellite a much unsafe place.”

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