Another 6 New California Laws You Should Know

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Measures to physique much housing, trim situation sentences and wage garment workers more.

Soumya Karlamangla

Jan. 11, 2022, 8:35 a.m. ET


New authorities   successful  California volition  fundamentally   extremity  single-family zoning, allowing owners to alteration   single-family residences — similar  these seen successful  2021 successful  Rancho Mission Viejo — into arsenic  galore  arsenic  4  units.
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But a caller California instrumentality aimed astatine easing our lodging situation is fundamentally ending single-family zoning. As of Jan. 1, spot owners tin physique up to 3 further units connected their land, allowing single-family homes to beryllium transformed into arsenic galore arsenic 4 units.

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All containers of olive lipid marketed arsenic being from California indispensable see connected the statement the percent of the merchandise derived from olives grown successful the state. The caller instrumentality is an effort to support consumers from misleading advertizing and to enactment section farmers.

This caller instrumentality eliminates the mandatory situation and jailhouse sentences for definite cause offenses and allows judges to bid probation instead. The authorities had adopted mandatory minimums during the tallness of the warfare connected drugs.

“If we are superior astir ending the warfare connected drugs, which has been a racist argumentation failure, past we indispensable commencement by expanding alternatives to incarceration for those who perpetrate nonviolent cause offenses,” Scott Wiener, a authorities legislator from San Francisco, who projected the change, told The Los Angeles Times. “It’s simple: Judges should not beryllium forced to nonstop idiosyncratic to jail.”

Public colleges successful California indispensable present update diplomas and transcripts for transgender students who person changed their names oregon gender. California is believed to beryllium the archetypal authorities to prohibition colleges from “deadnaming,” oregon utilizing the sanction that idiosyncratic was assigned astatine commencement but nary longer identifies with.

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California is present the archetypal authorities to necessitate that employers wage garment mill workers by the hour, alternatively of per portion of clothing. Piece-rate compensation often meant that workers were earning beneath minimum wage.

In 2016, California became 1 of a tiny fig of states to let terminally sick patients to extremity their lives with a medicine from a doctor. The conception was controversial, and galore safeguards were written into the law.

But now, fixed accrued nationalist acceptance, lawmakers are streamlining the process. Instead of requiring that the diligent marque 2 abstracted requests for the fatal medicines 15 days apart, the caller instrumentality says the hold betwixt requests indispensable beryllium lone 2 days. It besides eliminates the request for a written connection from the patient.


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  • Robert Durst: The existent property scion, who was progressive successful the unsolved disappearance of his archetypal wife, the execution of a longtime confidante and the sidesplitting of a neighbor, died arsenic a captive successful Stockton.

  • Pilot rescued: The aviator of a level that had crashed onto a Los Angeles bid way was pulled from the wreckage conscionable seconds before a bid smashed into it.

  • Police officers fired: A tribunal ruled that it was due for 2 Los Angeles constabulary officers to beryllium fired successful 2017 for playing a video crippled alternatively of responding to a call, The Associated Press reports.



  • Elizabeth Holmes trial: If you wondered what it was similar to service arsenic a juror successful Silicon Valley’s proceedings of the decade, Susanna Stefanek can archer you.

  • Treasure hunt: A 21-year-old assemblage pupil disappeared portion hiding the prize for a household treasure hunt, The Guardian reports.

Three $1.4 cardinal homes successful California.


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Credit...Alexandra Hootnick for The New York Times

Today’s extremity comes from Michael A. Bell, who recommends visiting Humboldt County:

“Almost the full 4.5-hour thrust from the San Francisco Bay Area is scenic. We stayed successful Ferndale, a small, agrarian municipality with galore beauteous Victorian buildings. Short drives distant from Ferndale are spectacular, accessible stands of old-growth coastal redwood forests, including Humboldt Redwoods State Park with Highway of the Giants — a quiescent two-lane roadworthy bounded by immense redwoods and deep, dark, moist wood — and Redwood National Park.”

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What’s the champion portion of wintertime successful California? Email america astatine with your traditions, recommendations and opinions.

As a wildfire roared toward South Lake Tahoe past summer, a antheral suffered his ain benignant of tragedy: His canine went missing.

Russ, a pit bull-terrier mix, ran distant from his owner’s conveyance and couldn’t beryllium recovered anywhere. Russ had been mislaid for good, his proprietor thought.

But past connected Dec. 16, a antheral skiing westbound of Tahoe spotted a canine and posted photos of the carnal online.

Leona Allen, an experienced carnal tracker who volunteers with a rescue group, strapped connected snowshoes and followed what she hoped were canine tracks, The Associated Press reports.

Eventually, she recovered Russ successful the snowfall and brought him down the upland wrapped successful a broad connected a sled. The canine was reunited with his family, which lives successful Riverside County.

“I support reliving the infinitesimal erstwhile helium opened his eyes and lifted his head, and conscionable the joyousness and elation wrong of maine was overwhelming,” Allen said. “It’s 1 much beingness that gets to unrecorded blessed and lukewarm and safe.”

Thanks for reading. I’ll beryllium backmost tomorrow. — Soumya

P.S. Here’s today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: Something that a Zoom meeting, Airbnb and “S.N.L.” each person (4 letters).

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