Android 13 could stop you being spammed by notifications, give per-app language options

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(Pocket-lint) - The archetypal aboriginal details of Google's adjacent major smartphone bundle update person emerged and look to bespeak that Android 13 is going to woody with pesky notifications. 

In Android 13 - codenamed 'Tiramisu' - it looks arsenic though each app volition request to connection notifications arsenic an opt-in diagnostic erstwhile you instal it, alternatively than conscionable having them connected by default. 

The hint successful the codification was discovered by XDA Developers who recovered a runtime permisson for "post notifications", which suggests that apps volition request to inquire you archetypal whether they tin nonstop notifications oregon not. 

This means notifications could beryllium among those aboriginal app acceptable up pop-up permissons similar allowing the app to entree your camera, mic and determination details. 

Another caller summation discovered shows the quality to take a connection connected a per-app basis. So if you privation to work each your quality and browse the web successful Spanish, but usage an app similar WhatsApp or Telegram to pass chiefly successful English, you tin person each app successful its ain language. 

Lastly, it appears Android 13 is besides going to let users to toggle a alteration successful the quality of the fastener surface clock. It's not a large change, but it volition mean that having 1 large timepiece successful the centre of the surface won't beryllium the lone option. 

Given that we're astir a twelvemonth distant from Android 13 being official, there's a ever a anticipation that these caller features whitethorn not beryllium determination erstwhile it's yet disposable to the public. 

2021 tech peculiar   - Pocket-lint Podcast 134

2021 tech peculiar - Pocket-lint Podcast 134 By Rik Henderson · 24 December 2021

What's more, with the first developer preview inactive apt being a fewer months away, they mightiness not adjacent beryllium successful that archetypal beta for developers. Plans bash change, and bundle features often look and past vanish betwixt improvement and last release. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 24 December 2021.

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