Adam Schiff Warns Kevin McCarthy Will Overturn The 2024 Election If Trump Loses

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Adam Schiff made it wide that Kevin McCarthy is simply a puppet who volition overturn the 2024 predetermination if helium is Speaker and Trump loses.

Video of Chairman Schiff:

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) said successful effect to McCarthy threatening to instrumentality distant his committee assignments:

The 2 are not disconnected, that is, what Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar privation is truly important to Kevin McCarthy close now. He not lone defends the qanon base of his support, but he’s terrified of losing it, and so Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for vengeance, truthful Kevin McCarthy is calling for vengeance. 

Frankly, though, the menace I’m more acrophobic astir is Kevin McCarthy volition bash immoderate Donald Trump tells him to do, and far apart from committee assignments, that means that Kevin McCarthy volition ballot to overturn the adjacent election, next presidential predetermination if Donald Trump loses again. 

He voted to bash truthful the archetypal time, and helium volition ballot to bash truthful again, only this clip if helium should ever be successful the bulk oregon beryllium speaker, helium has the quality to carry that retired and that is such a existent and nonstop menace to our democracy. Kevin McCarthy tin ne'er beryllium allowed to go talker and in that sense, I deliberation the midterms are truly an predetermination successful which democracy itself volition beryllium connected the ballot. 

Adam Schiff Was Right. Democrats Need To Wake Up

It isn’t conscionable the elector suppression bills and voting rights bills that Democratic voters request to beryllium acrophobic about. Even if Democrats successfully support the vote, if they suffer the House successful 2022, the signifier volition beryllium acceptable for Kevin McCarthy arsenic Speaker of the House to artifact the certification of the 2024 predetermination if Donald Trump runs again and loses.

The conflict to prevention ideology is ongoing, and Democratic voters indispensable emergence to situation and halt Kevin McCarthy from becoming the adjacent speaker.

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